Thursday, December 31, 2009

two Things i Love... Around my Home

two days late, sorry.
i've had dan and the kiddos home all week and they haven't really been too keen on me being on my computer for hours at a time, so i apologize for the lack of posts!

here are the two things i'm lovin around my home right now

they just happen to be two gifts i received this Christmas...

my dad and step-mom got me this beautiful antique train case which i totally LOVE

it's in great condition and has that wonderfully "old" smell that i love so

my mom and step-dad got me a sewing machine - i'm oh so excited!!!

i still need to learn how to use it... luckily it came with a dvd - i can't wait to learn!

thanks parents for the gifts that i LOVE so much - you four are the BEST!

as you know, today is new years eve. can you believe it's the last day of 2009? i can't. time just flew by this past year.... crazy.

here is dan and i last new years eve

we usually celebrate pretty low key... last year we spent the day at the beach surfing and then came home and watched a movie.

today we are heading over to my brother and sister in law's house in rancho santa fe (san diego) with all the kids. we didn't get to see the Undies (my bro and his fam... last name is Underwood) for Christmas so we'll be exchanging gifts, eating wonderful appetizers (my sis in law, kiana, is one of the best cooks), drinking some russian vodka (my brother, nate, travels a lot and has quite the collection of vodka that he has brought home from russia) and some wine, putting the kids down around 8:30 pm and ringing in the new year laughing and having a great time with people i love tremendously! can't wait.

tomorrow we're heading to the tule lake area to spend time with dans mom and step-dad at his step-dad's parents house. it snowed there yesterday and is suppose to snow all weekend so the kids are looking forward to playing in the snow, sledding and making some jumps for ty to do on his snowboard. should be a great weekend and a fun start to the new year!

happy new years my friends!!

this year has been pretty good to me and i can't wait for a fresh year... and decade.

love to you ALL!


ps. what will you be doing tonight? any grand (or not so grand) plans?

pps. check out lauren's giveaway if you haven't already!


Katherine said...

your train case is beeeeeeeutiful! lucky girl!

Kassi said...

aw i know! thank you! i was so excited when i got it! happy new year katherine!

Jamie said...

awesome gifts! i soo badly want to learn how to sew!!!

Kassi said...

thanks jamie! i do too and am so grateful that the sewing machine came with an instructional dvd. yay!

MannMom3 said...

Have fun with the Undies!! Does Tyler have to go to bed at 8:30 too..

Drink lots of vodka then call me..:-)

Lata dude!

Kassi said...

will do. love you sista. happy new year!!

my name is lauren. said...

pretty train case and fancy sewing machine. brother sewing machines are the ones they use on project runway, so you knkow it's legit :).

hope you guys have fun tonight. real russian vodka... so fancy! can't wait to see pictures from your fun weekend!

love you girl!

amy said...

What perfectly wonderful gifts!!! I'm excited to see all the beautiful things you create. Happy New Year!

Kassi said...

thanks lauren! i had no idea about the sewing machine... glad it's legit!
i had no russian vodka afterall... but dan did...

happy new year to you too, amy! i aspire to make pretty clothes out of thrift store finds like you do... but i'm sure that won't be happening anytime very soon - you are one talented lady!

BuenoBueno said...

ok so your gits ever!
and yalls ny pic adorable!
as for the learning to sew. they have beginners classes really chep at local fabric stores and places like michaels, was helpful for me in Highschool and ppl of all ages were in there:)

BuenoBueno said...

happppppppy ny! i dont know if my comment posted so ill try again!
i love the gifts! great train case!
and you should go to your local fabric store to find a cheap beginners class. Very helpful! and fun! i did it in HS and its all ages!
Love the pic of you and Dan!

LiLi said...

love that train case. lucky you.