Monday, February 1, 2010

rearrange monday

today was a day of redecorating my family room

it had been over a year with the furniture in the same place... and it was driving me CRAZY

i still have a few things left to do


buy a slip cover for the couch
take down the embroidery hoops over the couch 
hang this print that dan is getting me for valentines
draw and frame some art

here is a little peak at what i did today


(ignore the trampoline in the corner)





(the lampshades in the pictures are different now... )

oh how i wish the landlord would let me tear up the hideous carpet...

i'm so happy for the change
so was dan
and the kids loved it too

all in all a pretty successful re-arranging day!

hope you guys had a lovely monday
see you tomorrow for 
two things i love... around my home!



BuenoBueno said...

it looks so good!
so colorful and clean!
i wish i did that today i was at work all day..which was fun but i wanna have a day at home to re arrange!!!!
skype date this week us 3 again and dino toes!!

Kassi said...

thanks brand!
it was fun! once you rearrange i want to see pics!
skype date this week for shiz! and yes, dinotoes dani should most definitely join in on the action!
x to the o my homey ;-)

my name is lauren. said...

nice job rearranging!

your house is so lovely.

i get scared to rearrange, but i'm going to totally revamp my bedroom soon. craig and i are currently making plans :).

glad you had a productive/creative day lovely.

oh...and p.s. 10 tomorrow?

crissy said...

Your house looks so warm and inviting.
It is fun to rearrange. I used to do it to my bedroom all the time in HS. Of course, I don't really have anything to rearrange here, because I'm still working on getting settled. (We've been here since Sept. ...I take a while to get my crap sorted....)

Kassi said...

thanks crissy and lauren! it is so fun to rearrange!
crissy, it hasn't even been six months yet... and you're pregnant... i would say you have at least a year to get your crap sorted!
lauren, i want to see pics of your rearranged bedroom! fun. dan and i are in for a change in the bedroom too.
yes, 10 tomorrow is perfect! ;-)

crissy said...

I would feel better about taking a year to get settled if I knew we'd be here a while, but Cori's already talking about moving when our lease is up. Yikes. I don't want to move again for a while. We've moved so many times since getting married...

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I'll be honest, I like the before AND after versions! I also love that print Dan is getting you, but it has birds, so that's pretty obvious. I'd just like to come shopping in your house. You've got such a fun mix of colors and patterns, and it all looks so cozy!

I hope you enjoyed your break from the computer. I won't lie, I had Kassi withdrawal!

xoxo zillionbillioninfinity!

Kassi said...

crissy, i hope for your sake you don't have to move again... moving when pregnant or with a newborn is the pits!

danielle, thanks love. the print is fun and on sale for only $12 - arian is such a great artist... she has so many prints i like but dan only let me get one...
and, um, i love your giveaway!
xo muchobillionmilliongazilliongrande!

With Love, Jamie said...

Adorable :)

Micaela said...

kassi, i love the colors in your house and the way you laid out your art- and that's it's not all paintings. i need to get some fabric looms (is that what you call them?) over at Casa di M.

Kassi said...

thank you jamie!

micaela - thanks! the hoops are embroidery hoops and you can get them at any craft store... or thrift stores where you can find the older ones... which are much prettier. :-)

monica said...

holy cow kassi, you did so much work yesterday! moving bookshelves, furniture, etc. wow.

i love your green rocking chair too!

and give you hubby a hi-five from me for that great v-day gift. so thoughtful!

Kassi said...

it was a lot of work and i'm feeling it today!
i'll def give dan a high five! ;-)

Sarah said...

what a great before and after.

Kassi said...

thank you sarah!

Claudette said...

Now that I can see them, I like the changes too. Good job, my girl. mmg

Kassi said...

thanks mama - mmg!