Friday, December 18, 2009


i'm still in a funk...


i received a wonderful little note and cute little earrings in the mail today...
 which totally brightened my day.

thanks lauren! xoxo

i'm still crocheting and sewing and feeling overwhelmed with all i have to get done before tuesday. ugh.


 i am finally accomplishing something. i have felt like i was just going, going, going without actually completing anything. i still have not completed most of the stuff, but i do feel like i'm getting somewhere... finally!

pretty yarn

A LOT of crocheting has been going on in the bacquet house!

i did have a fun time at the party last night... well, it was more fun than i thought it was going to be... i wish i had brought my camera. the boat parade and all the huge beautiful houses were so pretty all decked out with Christmas lights. i was so bummed that i forgot it...

it's finally friday - yay! i hope you guys will have a very relaxing yet productive weekend!


ps. i almost forgot!
of course i have noticed that i have 50+ followers now (thank you by the guys are so rad for reading, truly!) so that means i'll be doing another giveaway - yay! who doesn't like giveaways and free stuff, i mean c'mon! not sure yet when it will be so keep your eyes peeled - check my blog and/or twitter (mamakassi) to stay updated!
so exciting. i absolutely LOVE giveaways!


my name is lauren. said...

i'm glad you liked your earrings friend :). i was a little nervous about making them, because picking jewelry for someone else is so hard. i know how particular i am, so i was really hoping you'd like them.

and sorry to hear you're still in a funk. let me know if there's anything specific i can be praying for you about. sometimes i get like that around the winter and during holidays. it seems like you should be super happy, but it's not always the case.

sad day about forgetting your camera. i hate when i do that.

anyway...hope you're getting a lot accomplished... it certainly looks like you are. i'm totally in the too much to do boat myself. all my crafting needs to commence this weekend. stress. good luck with yours!

Kassi said...

lauren they are way cute! thank you! i'm super impressed that you made them!! do you make a lot of jewelry?

i'm just so over tired, overwhelmed and stressed out i think. i think i've been expecting too much of myself and making gifts for people (although it is FUN) is so time consuming and this is my first year doing it... i usually wait till the last minute to do my shopping and stupidly thought i could do the same with making gifts. boy was i wrong!

i hope i get a lot accomplished this weekend too... and i hope you do as well.

you're the best. seriously.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I hope you get SO much accomplished this weekend!

Those earrings are so adorable! Lucky you!

Kassi said...

me too, thank you sara jane!!! :-)

amy said...

Beautiful! Learning to crochet is on the top of my list for 2010. I so want to create lovely, cozy goodies for my family. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kassi said...

you are welcome, amy! i have a feeling you will catch on quickly... it really is very easy... and you'll love it!