Wednesday, December 9, 2009

worn out

i'm feeling like this tired, sick looking owl i made for my niece, emme.
tannyn stayed home from school today due to a cold (which all three of us girls have). i was hesitant in letting her stay since she didn't have a fever, but her throat was red and a bit swollen, plus i was too tired and feeling like crud to fight with her... and as the hus said, it's only kindergarten. i think i should have taken her though. she and tayli are fighting and it's only 9:25am.

 i am already worn out!

my friend, lauren, over at the little things we do is doing a week long series on marriage and asked me to be a guest blogger for tomorrow. i am very honored to be featured in her series. be sure to check it out and read all the great posts that have been featured and to read mine tomorrow!
also, stop on by and wish her a happy two year anniversary - it's today!

happy anniversary lauren and craig!

and to the rest of you... have a lovely "hump" day!



MannMom3 said...

Um..that owl is cute!

You should've sent her to school..:-)

Oh well!

Kassi said...

does emme still like him? he is cute... i love his droopy eyes.

i seriously should have and am bummed i didn't. i just felt too crappy to argue with her.. i was sooo tired this morning and still feel like poo.

as you said, oh well!

Kassi said...

thank you mara! yes, the holidays can be stressful and i look forward to them being over... although i totally enjoy this time of year!

Tyler said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon girl..not a fun time of year to be sick :(

Kassi said...

thank you tyler!!

my name is lauren. said...

sorry you're feeling worn out. on the plus side that owl is cute.

i'm feeling worn out myself today, since it's like 16 degrees here and we can't take the kiddos outside to play...they're getting kinda stir crazy being confined inside, which = a tired lauren w/ a headache.

hope you find some energy today friend. and thanks for the anniversary wishes. you're so sweet!

Kassi said...

thanks lauren. sorry you're feeling worn out too... i know how it is to have stir crazy kids... but i'm thankful i only have three and not 20+.
hopefully work will go by quickly for you and you'll be able to go home and have a nice relaxing anniversary night with craig. :-)

dinosaur toes said...

Sorry you're feeling icky, hope you get better soon! This cold weather is making me ache like an old lady!

Kassi said...

thank you! i think it is the change in weather here too.. it's not freezing but it's been pretty cold for southern california!

Anonymous said...

i hope you are feeling better today! this cold weather doesn't do much for anyone.


Anonymous said...

I just came over from Lauren's page! i loved you and your husbands story! you guys are so cute, and seem perfect for each other! i hope you get feeling better! by the way that owl you made for your niece is awesome!

Kassi said...

rachel, i was so confused by all the numbers... i thought it was spam at first and am glad i clicked on it to see it was you! anyway, thank you, i am feeling a tad bit better today!

chloe, thank you. glad you enjoyed reading our story :-) it was such an honor to be asked by lauren to be a part of her series. i am feeling a tad bit better today... thank you!


Jamie said...

i loveeee your owl!!! i need to learn how to sew...

Kassi said...

thanks jamie! you could totally do it... so easy! i just taught myself how to stitch in september... i have no idea how to really sew (using a machine) though. anyway, if i can do it, you can!