Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Things i Love... Around my Home

okay, back to it.
 i'm finally feeling better although my throat still looks nasty... i mean, N-A-S-T-Y. but at least it doesn't hurt anymore.
we're heading up north this weekend to visit my side of the family for Christmas Eve. i'm so looking forward to seeing them!

i've got all my presents wrapped and ready to go!

i will be bringing my computer but i'm not sure if i'll be blogging much...

okay, unto two things i love... around my home!
sorry i skipped out on it last week. since i did miss it, i have extra this week!

i know you're so excited

i love these cute little ornaments that we got in the early 80's... probably from my grandma and grandpa underwood. the mouse is actually my sisters but she left it behind when she moved... therefore i got it - score for me!

i love these cute little stocking ornaments that my mom had for years before giving them to me... i don't hang them on the tree... i display them elsewhere. they are just too cute to be hidden in the branches!

i adore our stockings. my granny made all five of them. she gave me mine and the kids on our first Christmas and dan got his on his first Christmas as my husband.
the santa is dan's and the other one is mine.

tyler's, tannyn's and tayli's

i love that my granny has made each one. she was 82 or 83 when she made tayli's... i'm just so impressed that she can still sew that well. my gran is now 85.

okay. there you have it. what are things you are loving this tuesday before Christmas?

please share.

tayli and i are waiting for dan to get home then we're off to meet up with tyler and tannyn at my moms house. i'm looking forward to seeing our friend joyce and joe tonight and spending quality time with my mom, step-dad, gran, aunt, uncle, cousins, dad, step-mom, g-parents and step-bro.
yay for family time during the holidays!

have a great week my friends!



Jamie said...

your decorations are too cute! the stockings are amazing!!!

my name is lauren. said...

i love those ornaments! they're so fun. and those stockings are so ridiculously amazing. i can't believe your grams made those. seriously impressive.

a little thing i am loving around my house today is my christmas tree. it's awkward, but we chose it together and i love it. it's glowing all pretty right now. the bottom pine needles are dying out though because marley keeps trying to drink the tree water and i keep forgetting to water it. the combination of the two = not enough water for the tree and some dead bottom branches :(. oh well. i still like it.

hope you have fun tonight and your family christmas this weekend sounds like it will be a great time. getting so excited for christmas.

BuenoBueno said...

its so great having things your grandparents made or that have been passed down! Stories to tell are just so much better that saying..."i bought it at______"

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Those stockings are absolutely perfect! I can't believe your Grandma has made each and every one of them, how wonderful! I love stuff like that, they'll be memories for you forever.

Tyler said...

Hey girlie just wanted to tell you I have an award for you on my blog! Hope you all had a merry xmas!! :)