Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas eve eve

merry day after christmas my friends! 

we had a great time up north with my family. i just felt like i was home and being back up north made me realize that a southern california girl i am not... and never will i be. put me in central cal or norcal and that's the place for me!! 

we enjoyed seeing old friends, drinking great champagne, eating cheese and bread, baking with my mom and visiting my granny at her house which is always decorated so beautifully for christmas.

here is a review of christmas eve eve

champagne, wine, cheese, the BEST kalamta olives soaked in merlot, warm bread and great company at the mayhew's house tuesday night/morning

joyce and myself

tannyn and tayli in me and my sisters old aprons

granny (my mom), tann, tay and papa (my step-dad)

eating the dough

cookie making

aw, how i miss having a fireplace!

tannyn and my gran

old carolers

joy to the world

the best "blanket" ever... every time i'm at my gran's i wear this - it is so warm, stays on and is much cuter than a snuggie!

oh christmas tree

my grans house - it just isn't christmas until i see my gran and her beautiful house all decorated for christmas

this is my grans dress from the 50's - i have a picture of her wearing it at a ball - it's so pretty, this picture doesn't do it justice! i was so glad i was small enough to try it on but i definitely am not as small as my gran was... it's only zipped up 3/4 up my back (i love how it makes my boobs look big!).
she gave it to me anyway though - yay!

hanging out with one of our many mann families that we love, josh and marian, at sturbucks.
dan and josh being... themselves.

sweet marian and i

okay, that's it for now. i'll be posting some more pics from christmas eve and christmas day over the next few days.

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas with your loved ones... i would love to hear what you all did.



my name is lauren. said...

yay! so glad you posted some pictures...can't wait to see the rest :). i love the picture of tayli and tannyn in your old aprons. tayli's facial expression is so cute in the one where she's holding the spatula. oh...which reminds me...have you broken the news about the rat yet? curious as to how that went. look absolutely gorgeous in your gran's dress. it's awesome and you're definitely flatters you in the boob area :).

glad you had fun, and that you posted cause i was missing me some kassi!

love you lady!

Kassi said...

hi friend! we did break the news to tann about her rat and she handled it quite well... way better than i thought! she's already excited about the idea of a new one...
oh gosh, that pic of my grans dress just did not do it justice! it was totally wrinkled and the lighting was horrid. i have a few of her dresses from the 50's and i'm hoping to get them all fixed up so i can wear them. a lot of them have rust stains and rips around the zipper... but it will be worth spending a few bucks getting them all fixed up to wear!

i hope you had a great christmas, looking forward to seeing a post about it! xo

marisa said...

looove this post!

first, i'm with you on not being a socal girl...looove central to northern ca so much more <3 my bf is from pebble beach, so we're hoping to move to that area one day.

second, that dress is gorgeous on you!

and last, looove all the pictures! your family is so gorgeous.

glad you had fun and i can't wait to see more pictures soon!

p.s. let's get together soon now that the holidays are winding down :)

Jamie said...

merry christmas!!!
your pretty snuggie is sooo cute & your grandmas dress!!! wowwww!!!! pretty pretty!

Kassi said...

thanks girls!!!!

marisa, let's do it!

jamie, i so wish i could steal my grans snuggie.... or at least that she remembered where she got it!

hope you two had a great christmas!

BuenoBueno said...

where do i start?
1. the girls are so so so cute it hurts!
2. the house looks so cozy i feel warm right now.
3. i want those carolers!!!!
4. that blanket looks like an anthro pancho!
5. you look awesome in your grans dress. hard to believe it was hers!
merry Christmas!

Kassi said...

aw, brandi thank you!

her carolers are sooo cute... she has men too. i am so taking all her christmas decorations one of these days.

i love that blankie thing too... i just wish i knew where my gran got it - every time i go to her house i want to steal it!

merry christmas to you too my friend!

promisetangeman said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT DRESS! you are soo cute.

Kassi said...

i love it too! thanks promise!!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

That dress is just too perfect. I love it!

Kassi said...

it is a great dress, i just wish it fit me better! ;-)