Thursday, December 10, 2009

my creative space

my creative space was shared with the girls... i finished up an order for some pin cushions and now all my free time will go to Christmas shopping, spending time with the fam and making a gazillion Christmas presents. i made my list last night of things i need to buy/make for others and boy oh boy do i have a lot to make! and it's already the tenth! i better get on it!

go to kootoyoo to see others creative spaces

thanks for all the "feel betters" yesterday! i do feel a bit better... a tad under the weather still but i definitely do not feel as achey as i did yesterday! and i sent tannyn to school today... even though she was still complaining. i figured the school nurse would call me if she wasn't feeling well... so we'll see.

i mentioned yesterday that my beautiful friend, lauren, over at the little things we do is doing a series on love and marriage this week. i was very honored to be asked to be a guest blogger and my post is her featured post for the day so be sure to go over there and check it out!

have a lovely thursday my friends!


OH! i've gained some new readers (because of the post on lauren's page i'm assuming... thanks lauren!) and i just wanted to say "hi" to you all! thanks for stopping by and/or following. i look forward to getting to know each of you better... and to all my other readers that have been with  me... thanks for continuing to read... it really makes me feel special!



marisa said...

glad you're feeling better! i want a little suitcase like that one so bad..was it thrifted?

oooh and i love the post of you and your hubby on lauren's blog. you two are so cute! definitely a couple to look up to as far as being able to put God first. that's what me and the boy need to work on the most.

hope your day is lovely <3

Kassi said...

thank you marisa!
i got the suitcase from my granny... i love it!
i'll be praying for you and dani... relationships take work. commit to praying together whenever you see one another and that in and of itself will do wonders for your relationship! xo

my name is lauren. said...

thank you x 1,000,000 for being on my blog today. you are the cutest, and apparently everyone else thought so too :). glad you got some new readers...i'm sure there will be plenty more to come since you're so awesome ♥.

ChloƩ said...

i am glad you are feeling a little better! i admire you for making all those gifts! i would not be able to do that. i wish i was better at stuff like that! i feel like i take the easy way out and just buy gifts. i wish i was more thoughtful! good luck with everything :)

Kassi said...

lauren, it was my honor! you are the best and i absolutely like you to pieces! you have blessed so many women with this series... such a great idea! thank you for being so wonderfully rad! xo

chloe, thank you! this is my first year making gifts.... and i just hope that my friends and family will like them! i always get so nervous when i give something away that i have made... i mean, sooooooo nervous! i encourage you to try to make something... even cookies and a homemade card are great gifts... at least i think so!

Anonymous said...

hey you're hot wanna go out with me?

Kassi said...

pretty sure that anonymous is the husband... so, yes, i will go out with you! xo

amy said...

Your space is gorgeous and so makes me want to go in and makeover my little breakfast room/ sewing room. Thanks for sharing! Oh...your banner is beautiful!

Kassi said...

thanks you so much amy! that is quite the compliment because i admire your taste very much!

BuenoBueno said...

are you sick?
i love your owl its so cute! way cuter than the one i made:(
love your creative work space too! love the chairs!

Christmas is the best time to get creative isnt it!

Kassi said...

i am sick. i don't know if it's the darn change in weather or if i'm really sick... ugh.
i want to see he owl you made!
and i need to know where to get all those hair products you posted about! email me por favor!