Sunday, December 13, 2009

getting to know you... christmas memory

my sister has started a getting to know you blog hop every sunday... so i'm joining in... she wanted us to share a favorite Christmas snapshot or video. here's mine...

this is our first Christmas together. dan had just proposed on the 21st of december

same day... but with tyler... the cute little new family!

what is one of your favorite christmas memories?
leave a comment below or go to keely's page to join in on the blog hop.

enjoy your sunday!


ps. i wanted to give a shout out to my extremely wonderful and handsome brother in law, mike. today is his 34th birthday... happy birthday mikey - the bacquets looooovvveeeee you!!!


MannMom3 said...

This is the most horribly awful day ever..Call me and I'll tell you why.

Cute pics by the way!!!

Kassi said...

calling you right now! love you!

my name is lauren. said...

so cute!!!

Kassi said...

awe, thanks lauren :-)

Amber said...

such a fun way to celebrate thre changes in life with a Christmas Day picture each year! :)

ChloƩ said...

awww! i love this! those pictures are awesome!

Kassi said...

i agree amber, it is fun!

thank you chloe! :-)

Kassi said...

that is kinda weird... but cute! ;-)