Friday, December 11, 2009

how disgusting!

shoot, if i had known ty was going to take my pic, i would have put on some lipstick or mascara! 

last night i made shrimp tacos for me... chicken tacos for the family. as i was washing my shrimp i saw way too much shrimp poop... so disgusting. i get my shrimp from Trader Joes, but i don't think i will be any longer. i mean, LOOK at how much poop there is!

i took all the tainted shrimp out and only cooked the good stuff in some coconut oil and cayenne pepper... yummm... it turned out pretty tasty!

yes, i pigged out. it was just too good!

since i'm done with all my orders for the year, i have been busy making Christmas presents for my loved ones, so i can't really post pics of what i've been up to in the crafting/creating department.
that's why it's a post on food today ;-)

however, i did crochet last night for the first time in a couple of years. i used to make a lot of blankets and scarves but got bored with it. last night i decided to break out the yarn and the hooks and try something new. i made a little something something for my sister... can't tell you what it is since she reads my blog, but here is a sneak peak

it turned out all right.... she'll just have to like it!

it's friday... i love fridays as i'm sure most of you do too. tomorrow night we are going out on a friends boat to watch the harbor light parade and cruise around the harbor looking at pretty Christmas lights on the homes. hot apple cider and hot cocoa will be sharing the boat ride with us. the kids are all excited as are dan and i. should be fun!

what are you guys up to this weekend? any fun plans?

happy friday!



Kassi said...

thanks mara! :-)

Jamie said...

you look pretty! i need to learn this knitting stuff...everyones making such coolness.

Kassi said...

thanks jamie! i have no idea how to knit but crocheting is so freakin easy! i'm sure there are some easy tutorials online somewhere... i absolutely love your advent calendar you made - so pretty!

Tyler said...

Kassi!! OMG I just got my pillow and it is the best thing ever!! I am so excited... it is exactly what I wanted. Girl you have an awesome talent you really need to open up an etsy store or something :) Thank you again and I will attempt to take some pics (even though my camera is terrible) and do a post this weekend. Thank you again girl you rock!!!

Kassi said...

oh tyler, i am so so so glad you like it! i was so nervous!!!! my mom was curious as to how it turned out so now i can finally do a post about it on my blog. let me know when you do your post so that i can tell my readers to check out your page! i am so very happy that you like it! yay!

as far as the etsy store.. my goal is to open one up by april as my 30th bday present to myself! so we'll see...


Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Just found your blog. its interesting... look forward to reading more.

Kassi said...

hi rasha, thanks for stopping by!

MannMom3 said...

Dude!! Send some of your followers my way..;-)

What are you making moi?

Tyler loves her pillow..she tweeted me..

lata skata!

mart and lu said...

i think its fantastic that you live in huntington, ca. i had my best surf there!

Kassi said...

keely, you have 100 more followers than me...silly girl. but yes, i think everyone should look at your blog because you are so awesome! ;-)
i can't tell you what i'm making you... it's for Christmas yo!
sooooooo glad that tyler likes her pillow - that seriously just made my day!

mart and lu, thanks for stopping by! i'll have to check out your blog to see where you live now.... but did you used to live HB? my husband and son are surfers and they like the consistency of the waves here... but they miss surfing up north where the waves are bigger...

BuenoBueno said...

hahahah i hate poop in the shrimp! but u look very cute!

chris and annie said...

Kass~ you always DID look hot without make-up so shoosh. The tacos looked wonderful, I am inspired...sans shrimp poo...YUCK! This weekend we are celebrating Harmony's 5th birthday (wow!) and I wish you and the kids could be there (and Dan of course,.) because I just know Harmony and your girls would be besties, and Eli still remembers and misses Ty:) We are having a big bash on Saturday night for her, should be fun!!
Have a great weekend cutie xoxoxox
Love, Annie

Kassi said...

brandi - poop in shrimp = no shrimp for this girl. nasty! thanks for saying i look cute.

annie - happy birthday to harmony. i can't believe our girls are five already. wish we would be there to help you celebrate!!!


dinosaur toes said...

I just have to say, that was hilarious, and I totally agree about the poo poo left behind, yuck! Also, I really like your sweater!

Kassi said...

i'm over shrimp that's for sure! completely grossed out now... ick!

thanks about the sweater, it's actually not mine, i'm borrowing it from my friend... but i don't want to give it back. i wear it ALL the time!

happy weekend!

my name is lauren. said...

I agree with everyone else... You always look gorgeous. Also... Shrimp poop is real gross. If I see it I pull of the whole tail. I try not to let it gross me out too bad though because one of my favorite meals is this shrimp pasta I make and I don't think I could live without it :).

Glad you're getting so many new followers. I always get excited that people actually read what I say :).

Kassi said...

thank you friend.

dude, it was sooo gross seeing all that poop coming out of their little butts.... so gross. i don't think i'll be able to make it anymore (i'm the only only one who eats it) but i'll still order shrimp when i'm out. i don't eat meat so i HAVE to try not to get too grossed out by seafood... or i could just become a vegan i guess ;-)

the followers are because of you - so thank you. :-) it is nice knowing people are interested in what you are saying or making.... i just need to not get addicted to this thing and find the perfect balance between making stuff, blogging, working out and being a good mom and wife. i don't know how everyone else does it!!! i want the secret!