Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas eve

we had a wonderful christmas eve with my family.
we started out at my moms house for brunch, presents and charades - which was a blast! then off we went to santa barbara to my dads house for more presents, dinner and good times!

i miss my family so much already...

tay and tann opening their stockings

ty was stoked to get the collection - a surf video about two of his favorite surfers, clay marzo and dane reynolds

my mom opening her gift from me - pot holders

aunt tammy and i playing charades

uncle paul, tay and dan playing charades

gran wearing the pom pom necklace i had decorated her present with... she's so cute

the girls - gran, aunt tammy, my mom, tay, me and tann
(all the ladies are wearing crocheted brooches i made them)

dan and his girls

grandpa and tyler

conversations with grandma

tannyn putting on a show for us

my dad and i... yes, i still sit on his lap ;-)

tanny bear with her lip gloss

yay i got an anthro gift card (i got two actually) i just love the little monsters!

that was our christmas eve... tomorrow i'll post some christmas day fun.
hope you don't mind :-)

now it's time to watch a movie with my honey, drink some coffee and cuddle on the couch.

nitey nite my friends!



my name is lauren. said...

glad you got your anthro gift card monster. so cute! and the pot holders and brooches you made are so cute. you are one of my craftiest friends :).

loved these pictures. can't wait to see more tomorrow...i'll be on the lookout for them!

p.s. i think it's cute that you still sit on your dad's lap. i do the same :).

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos!! :0)

dinosaur toes said...

Your Christmas Eve looked like lots of fun, and I'm glad you got that little monster. We don't have an Anthro here, but I'll be going to South Carolina soon to visit my aunt, and I hope they'll still have some in stock! Also, there's no shame in still sitting in your dad's lap. I still do it, and I lay my head on his chest so he'll play with my hair. I love being a Daddy's girl!

Kassi said...

hi girls!
thanks nadine!
lauren and danielle, i'm glad that i'm not the only one who still sits on their dads lap... after i wrote that i thought it might look kinda weird to you guys that an almost thirty year old woman still sits on her dads lap and cuddles him. glad you don't think so! and danielle, i think that is so cute that your dad plays with your hair. i wish anyone would play with my hair... sometimes my girls do i guess...
anyway, you guys are great. thanks for reading. i'll be posting some christmas day pics later today. hopefully you all don't get sick of reading (and looking) about my christmas!

marisa said...

ooh i just love your look so so happy! looks like your family is lots of fun <3

can't wait for your christmas day post as well :)

BuenoBueno said...

yes! im glad your family likes games!!!
The mint rose blam is my favorite!!!!
ive never seen that gift card holder...IM JEALOUS! I want it! hahaha
Jacob got me a ton of Kiehls for Christmas too:)
Your son is the spittin image of you!
and once again yor outfit darling!
Beautiful family!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Kassi said...

thank you so much sara-jane elizabeth, you are such a sweetheart!