Saturday, December 12, 2009

so Proud!

my little seventh grader, tyler, got straight A's.... so stinking proud of him!

and my little kindergardener, tannyn, did well too!!

tannyn's teacher wrote this nice little note... so proud of her!

the hus and i are watching Disturbia because we both have little crushes on shia... and we can only watch the transformer movies so often. ;-) i'm also crocheting cute little circles, found here.
something fun will be made of these... perhaps a gift for someone this Christmas.

nighty night



my name is lauren. said...

i bet it's nice hearing good things about your kiddos :). always nice getting a good report.

Kassi said...

yes it is! makes a mama proud!!

Steve and Barbara said...

Great job Tyler and Tannyn. You get your smarts from Big P and of course your mother.

Kassi said...

not from me.... just you i think. ;-)