Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hot and healthy tuesdays and two things i love... around my home

H&H Button

okay, so i have NOT been doing my hot and healthy challenge at all this past week. i mean, not at all! so i can't even really answer the questions that keely asked. oh well. this week WILL be better... i hope. ;-) 
be sure to check out keely and mama m's blog to play along and link up or just read how the other ladies are doing....

did any of you do better than last week? or were you like me and totally slacked?

please share

okay.... now on to

two things i love... around my home
Christmas edition

my santa collection... i have a lot of santas! i couldn't just choose two... so....

my granny gave me this one... i'll have to ask her how old he is

even though this guy is a santa, he's not displayed with the others since he's in a sleigh with all the presents and the little elf. he's a decorative piece all on his own!

my granny gave me this guy too... along with the sleigh, gifts and elf

i forgot to take pictures of my sweet santas i bought in PA, they are precious... oh well

tell me two Christmas decorations you are lovin today!



Claudette said...

Hey Kass,
Didn't know Gran had given you all the Santas. They're cute and you're keeping her tradition going. I like our tree and our manger scenes. I also like how careful you are about your spelling...that pillow looked pretty creative too. I'll enjoy seeing the whole thing. Love, Mom

Kassi said...

she just gave me a couple... but yes, i do want more of hers so i can REALLY keep up her tradition.

i LOVE your nativity scene.

you are funny mentioning my spelling... only a teacher would do that. ;-) you do remember that i was a spelling bee champ don't you?

i'll post a pic of the pillow after i know she's received it.

amy said...

It's hard to choose just two favorites. Hmmm...old glass bulbs on the tree, and the "new" little plastic tree I scored at the thrift store. I love your grab button. I'm definitely adding it:)

Kassi said...

amy, i know! that's why i do it every tuesday... ;-)
thanks for the compliment on the button!

i have been seriously loving all your ideas for gifts... and the train case gift for the kids is wonderful... i wish someone would do that for me!

Tyler said...

Hey girl... I didnt do so well this week either. Ate decent but really slacked on the exercise! Hope you have a great day.. going to steal your button to put on my blog :0)

Kassi said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one... at least you ate well - good job!
steal away! have a wonderful wednesday!

Mama M. said...

Ugh. Kassi, I totally feel your pain. The closer to Christmas we get, the worse I do!!

Kassi said...

seriously! i mean, who has the time to work out like that (besides keely)? and to not eat sweets around this time of year is just crazy! i HAVE to! ;-)