Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tuesday tuesday

it's  a cold morning here in HB... frost on rooftops... snow on the mountains... i love it.

i finished an order for a custom pillow for tyler... one of my lovely readers... she should get it in a few days, but here is a sneak peak

i so hope she likes it

i've got a button now. the lovely marisa made it for me. i spent HOURS trying to do it yesterday and wasted so much time. as i said yesterday, i am so not computer savvy. i don't know how she fixed it for me and got it to work, but she did. thank you marisa!!! you are the best and i owe you one!

if you grab my button (over on the sidebar), be sure to let me know so that i can check out your blog and return the favor!

have a lovely morning... i'll be back later with my hot and healthy post and two things i love... around my home later on today.



Tyler said...

awww I am so excited about the pillow!! I cant wait to see it. I know you did a great job... looks so great from my sneak peak ;)

Will send you a pic. of it in her room when I get it!! Thanks girl

Kassi said...

oh i would LOVE a pic of it! i glad you're excited and like the sneak peak... i so hope you like it and that it's what you wanted....