Saturday, December 19, 2009

shopping, wrapping, pom poms, surfing and strep

i got a lot done today!
 tyler and i went Christmas shopping for daniel and some of my nieces and nephews. we had a fun time together laughing, being goofy and eating wahoos for lunch.
he's such a great kid.

afterwards we met dan and the girls back home and watched Cars... the kids love those pixar movies!

we put the kids to bed and i started in on my wrapping...

after i finish this post i will be finishing up some pom poms to put on the rest of our presents...

 they are so easy and fun to make!

we're heading up north tomorrow morning. my mom and step dad are meeting us in between santa barbara and ventura to pick up tyler and tannyn to spend a couple of days with them for some quality time before Christmas. although i will miss them, i am hoping to get A LOT done while they are gone. i tried to get my mom to take tayli too... but she wanted some special time with just tannyn...

we're getting up early, skipping out on church, and heading to rincon so the boys can surf before ty  leaves for a couple of days. i was looking forward to it until i started to feel like crap this evening. my throat was hurting and i have a bad cough (which i've had for a couple of days now) anyway, i looked at my throat and, low and behold, i had pus on my red, swollen tonsil. probably strep.... i get it often, especially when i'm stressed. i just hope i get better before we head up north to see my family this tuesday.
the z-pack is calling my name. time to make a dr. appointment. ugh.

i hope you all have accomplished a lot this weekend, are feeling well and able to enjoy these last few days before Christmas.



BuenoBueno said...

oh no! you can't get sick!
sleep all day and drink tea and honey!
vitamon c overload and no talking!
get better your wrapping looks great!

Jamie said...

your wrapping is sooo pretty! i made poms from target bags but not from yarn yet!

boo i hope you feel better! do you surf to? it's on my lifes list of things to do:)

my name is lauren. said...

i love your pom pom wrap jobs! so cute!

yay for getting some time to yourself to get things done. i still have too much to do...but here i am reading blogs/blogging. i'm going to put up pictures of my scarf soon, so check 'em out today! i love it!

hope you have a lovely sunday!

dinosaur toes said...

I hope you're feeling better soon so you can really enjoy Christmas. I love those pompoms! I wanted to make some, but there just isn't enough time with all the shopping!

Kassi said...

thank you guys. i've been in bed all day... i have never felt this bad... but i did get some pain killers and the z-pak and i was finally able to eat some soup - yay!

the pom poms are so easy to make.... they seriously take five minutes. look up yarn pom pom tutorial on google and you should find a site or blog that tells you how.

have a good sunday night girls.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Oh no! I hope you got better! Z-Packs are seriously a gift from God, I have them every single time I get sick!