Thursday, December 17, 2009


gosh guys, i suck. i promised a post and all you are getting is this... which is lame. sorry.

i'm still overwhelmed with all i have to do. this is the part of the year that i hate. i just want to enjoy it and i can't. i get in a funk - overwhelmed and depressed. ugh.

we've got dan's work Christmas party tonight. going out on a yacht for dinner and drinks cruising around newport harbor. i'm not too excited for it. dan doesn't really care for many of his co-workers and i know none of them.... plus, i hate meeting new people... not because of them but because i hate small talk and trying to get people to like me. it's awkward and makes me feel anxious. i have had many an anxiety attack before parties or having to meet a big group of people. i do fine after a few minutes of being there... it's the leading up to it that kills me. at least we get to cruise around looking at all the pretty houses and their Christmas lights.

okay, i have stuff to do.... wish i had time to write something more fun....

i did find you a pretty picture to look at though... ;-)


ps. hi to all my new readers!!i told my sister last month that once i hit 50 followers i would do another giveaway.... i'm two away... so check back soooooooon.



MannMom3 said...

I bet you get 50 by tonight!

Hey everyone that reads Kassi's blog..I'm having a giveaway..come see!!

I'm her super rad sister by the way!

my name is lauren. said...

sorry you're feeling overwhelmed and depressed. i get like that too. especially when i have to look forward to a large social setting. i'm completely the same. i stress out beyond belief and try to come up with any and every excuse that i possibly can to get out of it. i'm not really an extrovert who gets energized from being around a ton of people. once i'm there i can enjoy myself and make the best of it, but afterward i'm totally wiped out and need alone time to recharge. every personality test i've ever taken has come out as a tie between being extroverted and introverted, which i guess is pretty accurate.

anyway...i hope you have fun. i'm assuming you'll get to get gussied up, which is always fun...SEE... there is an upside :).

hope it's better than you expected!

♥ Lauren

Amanda W. said...

You have a wonderful personailty! They will like you instantly. P.S. I became a follower! :)

MannMom3 said...

Haha!! I new it! GO Kassi with your 50 followers!

I think you should give away a tube scarf..

Jamie said...

i get overwhelmed & depressed in right now. can't wait till the holidays are upon us & no more preparation;)


BuenoBueno said...

im the same way! i get anxiety! Jacob is great at small talk and so I just let him talk:)
goodluck and im sure you dont have to get ppl to like you!

Kassi said...

aw, you guys are great! thank you!!!
it turned out all right... i even danced!!! like a retard (sorry, that is so not politically correct) but i did... AND i had fun doing it. dancing like an idiot is the best... plus i wasn't even drunk (i barely drink... i hate being THAT girl... speaking of THAT girl there were so many of them... it was sad really. and one of them was in her late 50's - i felt so sorry for her poor husband). the boat parade was going on tonight so that was fun seeing all the boats decked out with christmas lights... and the houses around newport harbor are so huge and pretty. i was cringing thinking about their electricity bills. anyway, thanks girls for your words... i always dread doing that sort of thing but i'm always glad that i did afterward. a

on another note, wow, i have 51 followers... guess i'll have to do a giveaway now. FUN!

nite nite

pps... does anyone ever read the comments section anyway... maybe i should have saved all that for another post. oh well

nitey nitey... again.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Aw, I am sorry you're stressed out. It will all be better soon!

Congratulations on 51 followers!

Kassi said...

thank you! i can't wait till the 26th! :-)

Claudette said...

Glad you had a good time! Love, mom

Kassi said...

thanks mom :-)