Tuesday, December 1, 2009

hot and healthy tuesdays

okay, not feeling too hot or too healthy this tuesday morning. ugh... last week was horrid for me!

as most of you know, my sister, keely, and her friend, mama m, have set up the hot and healthy thru the holidays challenge... here are the questions they asked us this week

1. starting week 5.... seeing any progress?
nope. not at all. it's depressing actually.

2. do you feel like you are "getting your groove on"? a nice routine?
nope. last week ruined me and i only worked out once.... sad sad sad

3. are my pilates exercises kickin your butt (in a good way)?
nope. haven't done them. gosh, this is a sad post.

4. how about the healthy tips from mama m?
let's just say that last week was not a healthy one for me... too much food, dessert, wine and beer. i feel gross, actually.

so this week keely and mama m have asked us to work out for a total of four hours. i can do that... hopefully.

are any of you ladies doing the challenge? if so, how did you do last week? am i the only one who feels like a fat cow? if you are interested in linking up or reading any other ladies progress then be sure to check out keely's blog.

i'll be back later with two things i love... around my home (Christmas edition) later on today.



MannMom3 said...


Mama M. said...

Looks like the holiday was hard on ALL of us!! Well, there's always this week, huh?!!

Tyler said...

No worries! We will all do better next weeek! Cant wait to see your christmas edition of the things you love. You have the neatest things! PS- will get the check in the mail for ya hopefully fri?! Is that ok?

Kassi said...

tyler, sounds good. i'll be starting your pillow this evening and should be done with it by the end of this week!

mama m and tyler, yes, the holidays were hard on us... i'm so gald i'm not the only one!!!

Helga said...

Kassi, I think the holidays were hard on all of us because I sucked last week. All my hard work was eaten away :o) I will do better this week and continue to do well through out this challenge :o) Good luck this week and I can't wait to hear about your progress.

Kassi said...

you're right helga... where was our self control? gosh, come holiday time and all i want to eat is dessert! thanks for the encouragement - i know we'll do better this week!!!

chris and annie said...

you are NEVER a fat cow....beauteous one:)
I do feel like one though....huh.
Mama M is right: there is always THIS week:)
Love you my Kass,

Kassi said...

thanks annie... i feel like it though... i've gained like four pounds... in a month! what the heck! i just am hoping i'm not pregnant - ha!
yes, there is always this week and hopefully i'll do better! how do you stay so tiny my annie?