Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas! (very image heavy)

okay, this is it... christmas day!
this is the last of all the family photos, promise!

on christmas eve night we drove from santa barbara home to huntington beach and spent the night and early morning hours finishing up our wrapping, building the girls' kitchen (which dan did) and making my fall to your knees mac and cheese (i say "my" because i've been making it for six years but it's really carnie wilson's recipe... it's death on a fork but oh so good! seven different cheeses...oh yeah!). we didn't get to bed till 2am christmas morning.

the kids actually slept in a bit which dan and i were grateful for. we got up and opened presents, made monkey bread and eggs (christmas tradition that dan's family has done his whole life which we have carried on as our own) and read the christmas story out of the Bible.

then off we went to crestline (lake arrowhead/big bear area) to my sister in laws cabin in the woods to spend christmas day with dan's side of the family.

good times had by all!

here are the last of the christmas pictures...

christmas morning

the kitchen dan spent hours building

presents presents presents

pretty ridiculous how many gifts our kids get

i guess santa thought we were all good this year!

opening up the stockings

looks like tannyn was excited about her hello kitty socks

and dan was equally excited about his new boxer briefs

aw, lorac bronzer/blush how i've missed you

yay! i got the osis dust it
 brandi, i posted this pic just for you! ;-)

tyler and his loot

my handsome... and very tired... husband

sweet baby tayli had a blast

monkey bread

christmas day in crestline

dan and our sweet nephew, max

tannyn playing in the little snow that was there

my beautiful sister in law, shawna (max's mommy)

tann did not like getting snow thrown in her face

baby talaylay

the boys gearing up to snowboard down some hills

my step-father in law, rick, my mom in law, sharon and myself

tann, tay and my gorgeous niece, eva, going sledding

dan's family

gearing up for present madness
(and it WAS madness - there were six kids opening presents all at the same time... pure chaos!)

the hostess and host
my sister in law, stephanie and her boyfriend, travis

bacquet fam in all our glory ;-)

now, that's more like it!

christmas is officially over here at the bacquet house so it's fitting that i finish tonight with all these pictures! we took down our trees today and i completely cleaned and reorganized the house... it feels sooooo good to have it done! all we have left to do is take the lights off outside.

thanks for reading and looking at all the photos and being patient with me as i posted for three days just about my christmas and my family. i have so enjoyed reading some of your posts on christmas too - it's so fun looking at and reading about other peoples traditions and christmases.

i know i didn't do two things i love...around my home today but i'll be posting about it tomorrow... a day late but that's okay, right?

we're watching a surf video right now (nothing new, that's the norm around these parts) but dan and i will be snuggling, drinking coffee, eating peanut brittle and watching inglorious basterds as soon as ty goes to bed...

hope you all have a great monday night.



MannMom3 said...

Monkey bread looks like intestines..and you got a new of my peeps..Maura..She's rad!!

Kassi said...

i know, they do! ha. yay for maura!

BuenoBueno said...

what surf video?
yay you got dust it!!!!! you must tell me what you think and take a pic of your hair! woooo!
im so jealous that you has SNOW!!!!! i want to be there!
Dan made a pink kitchen how awesome is that!
Your christmas looks like it should, happy tired but adorable family so excited to see everyones smiles!
Oh and i love your robe!!
Family picture looks like a great Christmas card!!!!

my name is lauren. said...

i love all these pictures...oh and tell dan that there's more snowboarding to be had here in oregon. mt. hood. it's awesome. promise.

oh...and by the way...when is your birthday? i thought it was coming up soon, but i wasn't sure.

that kitchen looks awesome. how sweet of dan to stay up late building it. i'm sure the girls loved it.

thanks for sharing all these pictures. i definitely didn't mind three posts worth of christmas and pictures. it made me feel like i was there :).

hope you had a good monday friend and enjoy inglorious basterds. i loved it. one of the best i've seen in quite a while.

Kassi said...

brandi, thanks for the lovely comment!
we watched modern collective... have you seen it?
i like dust it! maybe i'm using too much but i hate how it makes my hair feel to the touch... but i love the hold!
thanks for the comment on my robe. i love it too - it was my gran's... she's got all the good stuff ;-)

Kassi said...

lauren, i'm still working on dan to come!
my birthday isn't until april... so i have a few months till the big 3-0!
glad you enjoyed the pictures! i think it's fun to get a peak into the lives of the writers who's blogs i read so i hoped my readers wouldn't mind... and i knew you wouldn't ;-)
we just finished inglorious and i loved it! some of the shooting scenes were a bit cheese but that's tarantino for you!

dinosaur toes said...

Looks like you had a fun and busy Christmas! Your monkey bread makes me hungry, and it makes me miss my trips to Pennsylvania because my Grandma would always make something very similar (and since everyone would hog it, I got smart and asked for it for Christmas so I could have my very own plate)!

Kassi said...

you are so funny... and clever! do you know what your grandma's is called?
i've seen lots of different variations of monkey bread... but this one we make, with the carmel on top, is the best i've tried so far!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Your Christmas looks like it was SOOOOO fun!

Kassi said...

it was krysten! thanks for commenting!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

You have such a gorgeous family! I don't mind all the Christmas posts at all. It looks like you guys had so much fun!

Kassi said...

thank you sara-jane... you seriously leave the sweetest comments - thank you! :-)

marisa said...

first of all, these pictures are great! and second, i have a cabin in crestline! where do you stay up there?!

and have a fun night..enjoy the movie!

Kassi said...

it was my sister in laws cabin... and our first time up there. is it your parents cabin, marisa?

Tyler said...

What wonderful pics!! your kiddos are just beautiful! They have the sweetest facial expressions. Glad you all had a wonderful christmas.

I was glad to get all my decorations down and everything too. I love christmas but once its over I am ready for it to be over ya know!?

Kassi said...

i hear ya tyler!!!

thanks for the compliments on the pics and kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

i loved inglorious basterds..and i love all of these pictures! you seriously have the cutest family. your kiddos are adorable and you and your husband are so cute! and that monkey bread looks so good! you should post a recipe :)

Kassi said...

thanks chloe! :-) posting a recipe is a great idea! i think i will do that soon... just for you! ;-)

Jennifer said...

OH MY GOSHH! my mom used to make monkey bread! it's so good, and brings back so many memories.

You Christmas morning looked divine.

Kassi said...

how fun that your mom used to make it jennifer! i had never even heard of it until i married daniel and now we have it every christmas and dan and our son like it for their birthday morning breakfast as well. it is soooo good.

happy new year jennifer!