Friday, February 19, 2010

blankity blank friday and a little hair fun

it's friday

fill in the blank friday

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1.  If I could  medal in an olympic event it would be  swimming   .

2.  If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take    dan,      the kids    &  bear grylls  .

3.     my kids being kidnapped or murdered... and getting in a gnarly car crash (any of my loved ones)   are my most irrational fears.

4.  I'd rather   fold socks or do any other stupid chore   everyday,  than    change poopie diapers   everyday.

5.  I am   going to highlight my hair again today - two days in a row.. watch out!

6.  I should really be   changing tayli's stinky diaper - oh my how it stinks! 

7.  One of my favorite things in all the world is   laying on the beach with the warm sun beating down while reading a good book and drinking a cold beer .

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today my little boy is going to winter camp with our church
the first time he's ever gone away at camp
i told him to call me
but he said 
that would be too embarrassing... boys!

even though i'm going to miss my tyler
it'll be fun having the girls 
to ourselves this weekend.

yesterday i highlighted my hair myself
it turned out pretty good!
it's still darker than i want it 
so i'm going to do a little bit more today
i feel like myself again
which is a great feeling!

i also layered up my hair and trimmed my bangs
if you can't tell the difference then go back to this post or this post and you'll be able to tell

what do you guys think?

what are your plans for the weekend?
anyone doing anything exciting?

tonight i'm suppose to go to blog sugar 
which is a blogger party that my friend rachel from number 17 cherry tree lane is throwing
but last night dan asked me to stay home to have a date night with him since the girls go to bed so early....
now i don't know what to do
if i end up going, i'll be sure to take lots of pictures for your viewing enjoyment!

have a lovely weekend my friends!



MannMom3 said...

Cute hair!

You should totally go to Rachel's thing..I know you won't though..;-)

I was only thinking winter olympics..summer I would choose..swimming also.

samboy said...

the hair is pretty!

you are so darn beautiful!x

Jamie said...

i love it! you are so brave to highlight yourself! it turned out great though!

have the best weekend!!!

Kassi said...

keely - thanks sis. i know... it's a hard one though... since i have anxiety anyway. i was all prepared to go and then dan said that... ugh.

aw, thanks sam! :-)

jamie - thanks friend! i'm doing it again right now and i sure hope i'm not screwing it up! have a lovely weekend as well pretty lady!

Erin said...

Number 7 is just about perfect! and your hair looks great!

shellybellylarson said...

LOVE your hair...turned out great.I like it a bit shorter...looks "fuller"...pretty girl, you are !

You should go to the blog thing...hubby will still be there when you get home...girls will still be can be a "late night" date. ;)

Cat said...

Bear Grylls! Why didn't I think of that haha! He's hardcore!

Your hair looks gorgeous, you are so pretty! :)


Kassi said...

erin - thanks! :-) yes, the beach with a beer and good book sounds soooo good right about now!

mara - thank you! i just finished the second round... looks pretty much the same... with a few more highlights. beach now.... i agree!

shelly - thanks! i agree, i need fullness since my face is so little. i'm grateful that i can cut my own hair and have it turn out okay! you are right about the party... but it's still a hard decision for me... i get major anxiety about having to meet new people in a big group...

cat - bear is gnarly... i love him! and thank you so much!

MannMom3 said... question is..Dan or Bear Grylls...or both..;-)...kinda awkward don't ya think??!! Or would Bear bring his wifey

Kassi said...

both, my sister, both ;-)

Tarver said...

I really like the highlights, I wish my hair would do that. I did the fill in the blanks too!

ricebabies said...

Love the hair, so different from your profile pic. I use to be brave with my hair, now I am just lazy. i bun it all the time. =(

Seems like you enjoy polaroids, come check out my giveaway.

Kassi said...

tarver - i'm sure your hair would do that if you got it done! we have pretty similar hair colors!

babies - i love your dolls so much... they are so stinking pretty... and i loved your 'story' way to keep trekking! i'm lazy too! that's why i do it myself! and it is never brushed and usually up as well...

Simply Me said...

Hi , i came thru FITB Fridays and i love your hair ..its looking gr8 ..
and ans #7 is idyllic :)
have a gr8 weekend !!

Kassi said...

simply me - thank you and thanks for stopping by!

...Judith said...

~Beautifull Hair~

X. Judith

questioningsoul said...

Since I don't get to see much of my hubby these days, I say go on the date (but I'm a little partial ;). Did this already happen? Am I posting late? oops, if so! Love you!

Kassi said...

thank you judith!

anna - when does geoff come back? i couldn't imagine... you are super mom and super wife. i totally admire you. i ended up going and i had fun... dan told me to go after all... and he ended up having a date with tannyn instead. :-)
ps. how was your valentines weekend? didn't geoff come home for it?
love you!

my name is lauren. said...

i love that you said you'd take bear grylls....and dan. i guess they could just have a fight to the death over you :). bear would probably win though. not cause dan's not tough, but just cause bear grylls could probably whittle a gun or something out of a coconut and then he'd have the upper hand.

you look so pretty with your highlighted hair. i thought you looked pretty before though. but it warms up your face. i like it. and i like the bangs. good choice.....even though dan doesn't like them. they're cute for your face. pretty much you're just cute in general.

i love you friend! mucho.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Kassi said...

haha. i don't really want them to fight over me. dan can be my lover and bear can take care of and protect me! ;-)
thank you love. i feel more like myself again... i looked so washed out with darker hair!
hope you're having a lovely weekend my friend!
xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

BuenoBueno said...

your hair looks great! did you highlight with foils?
im curious!
and yay for tyler going off to camp! hes gonna have a blast:)
did you have date night too?

Kassi said...

thanks b! that means a lot coming from you!
i didn't use foils... i'm not too fancy when it comes to my hair... i just bought the l'oreal highlighting kit and went to town. i'm not a fan of highlights up to the roots so i just did half way up and then a few super thin light ones all the way up. i wouldn't mind going a bit blonder but i think i'll wait.
i hope tyler had fun... we're still waiting for them to return.
i went to the blog party on friday (which was a blast... i was so glad since i was so freakin nervous about going) so dan and i got the girls to bed early last night and had our double feature movie date.
i hope you had fun yesterday with your mom - happy birthday mom!
x to the o yo!