Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Things i Love... Around my Home

happy tuesday

time for another round of two things i love... around my home

last week we had 15 link ups... lets see if we can get even more today!
i love seeing your two things and i love it when you play along
it makes me so happy

so all you have to do to play is write a post with two things you are lovin or appreciating around your home this week, link back to me and then come back here to link up to the mcklinky so that everyone else can see that you played!

here are my two things for today

i love this side table... it's another item that my dad and step-mom gave me

i love this old amplifier that is my husbands... it still works great and sounds divine... not sure when it's from... i still need to do some research on it to see 

what are your two things you are lovin today?
link up and share with me
let me know in the comment section below

have a beautiful tuesday my friends!



Jamie said...

Looove that side table!!!!
I'm planning on doing this tonight. You'll probably need to remind me to link up, lol.
Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!
xoxo -j

BuenoBueno said...

what the crap! i love love love the amplifier! i love the table but that amp!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! jacobs gonna die.

this is my post today :) how do you mclinky?

Fallon said...

Love that minty green table and that amplifier is pretty awesome :)

Kassi said...

jamie - thanks! and don't worry, i'll remind you - glad you're going to play along! have a lovely tuesday my friend!

brandi - i know, i love the amp. it was in our garage forever and when i rearranged the family room i brought it out... it's just too pretty to sit in the garage (even though that's where dan plays his music loud)
i love your things... but i always do. you have such great style... so glad you played along today! and i'm so glad that you love your things from the swap... that makes me so happy!
i tweeted you about how to link up using the mcklinky. let me know if you need help with it.
just a few more hours - woohoo!

fallon - thank you, i love that table and feel so blessed that my dad and step-mom have good taste and give me their things when they don't want them anymore!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

As usual, I LOVE your items! That table is so pretty with the chippy paint. I always prefer chippy over fresh and new!

I'll do this a little later. First I have to finish a custom order, then I have to adjust my pictures (I took them yesterday because I'm so excited about one of my things)!

xoxo million triple zillion

Cole said...

You have such great things around your home! I love the amplifier.

Kassi said...

danielle - oooh i can't wait to see what your things are! i just read your post on cole's blog and i love it! you and chris are so stinkin cute!
xo majilliontrillioninfinitybillion
a few more hours and we get to 'meet' yay!

cole - thanks cole! i love your series you are doing and love that you had danielle on it today! such a great idea!!

Jewels said...

I LOVE that side table....so darn cute!

Micaela said...

the color of the side table... J'ADORE! i seriously love these posts Kassi!

you girls have fun on your date :) what a great bunch of you all- can't wait to hear about it! xo

Kassi said...

jewels - thank you!! :-)

micaela -thanks! i love the color too.... and i love it even more that i didn't have to paint it myself!
i love that you played along... love your two things today!

Kassi said...

mara - thank you! i feel so blessed that my family has given me so many wonderful things! and yes, it's amazing that the amp still works!

Kris Ann said...

LOVE the distressed nature of both of these! Tons of character!

Happy Tuesday!

shelly said...

i played along....i hope the link worked :)

Kassi said...

kris ann - thank you! i love your coffee mug from anthro!

shelly - the link up didn't work for you! click on 'you are next' on the bottom of the mcklinky!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Kass - that amp is sooo awesome! Good for you for bringing it out and making it something you can appreciate regularly.

I finally linked up on my two things! We aren't quite moved, but I just couldn't wait to join the fun!!


Kassi said...

chelsea - i know, i love the amp! so glad dan had it!
i'm so glad you played along!

Emily Anne said...

Aw I love those too! The table is so darling. :) Cute!

Xoxo- Emily

Anna said...

i love this series on your blog! today my favorite things around my house are my niece & nephew. you're gonna want to pinch their little chubby cheeks and give them cookies!
and that old amp is awesome! i wish my boyf's looked more like that and less like an ugly black cube.

Kassi said...

emily - thank you!!! :-)

anna - so glad you like!
i hear ya about ugly amps. my husbands other one is from the 70's and although it's cool it is huge and black and blue and not pretty for in my house - we keep it in the garage!

Violet Bella said...

i just found your blog after reading Jamie and Bueno Bueno's blogs! just wanted to say hi, now following you and your lovely style!

Kassi said...

violet bella - oh yay! glad you found me! i look forward to getting to 'know' you!

Jamie said...

that amplifier is super rad! you have the cutest stuff!

Britney Jean said...

what a great idea!! i will do this later on this week!!

p.s. 00 I'm LOVING your blog! so cute!

Kassi said...

aw, jamie, thank you! :-)

britney jean - yay! the link will be up until thursday! and thank you about the blog!!

my name is lauren. said...

that amp is awesome. love it....it's functional and decorative :)....my favorite kind of piece!

i love you so much lady!

glad we got to chat today and tell tannyn i loved her picture of me.

off to go try out the tv in bed thing. it's kinda weird.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Jaeve + Things said...

Two things I'm loving right now:

1. My lovely boyfriend (always)
2. Red, red wine! I've had a glass every night. Such a great thing before bed, so relaxing. ;)

Love your blog, now following.

Kassi said...

lauren - i forgot to show you the other pic she made of you... remind me to show you next time!
today was fun! mucho love!!!
tv in bed.... i haven't done that since i was in high school!
xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

jaeve - you're two things are great! :-)
thanks for following and i'm glad you're here!