Wednesday, February 10, 2010

palm springs anyone?


my girlfriends and i have been planning a weekend away for some time now
we finally finalized our date

we're heading to palm springs the weekend of 
march 26th-28th 

for some

lounging poolside
yummy cocktails
catch-up and gossip

this is a MUCH needed trip for me and i am so very excited to go!

i've come up with a couple of places to stay but was wondering if any of you had any suggestions as to some fun, not too expensive, low key yet upgraded, hotels in palm springs

i would love it to include

continental breakfast
beach cruisers
complimentary evening drinks

the two hotels that i have come up with are...

any of you stayed in either of those?
do you have any other recommendations or suggestions?

your help is greatly appreciated!

tannyn broke out some old photo albums... 
i found this photo of dan from a couple of summers ago
check out that 'stache! 
my husband is hot
i love you so much dan!
bring back the 'stache! 



Nicole Marie said...

so fun! i wanna go!!

heather said...

i LOVE the ace hotel. i posted about it a while back. super fun! we took the kids and the dog but would love to go back without kiddos. they have the best food at the restaurant and are very good about recommending local places to go! close to downtown and have a 2 pools and a tamale cart!

heather said...

i just left a comment about the ace hotel and how much i love it! but it somehow didn't get posted! they have snowcones for the adult and really great rooms!! i would go back for sure!!! did a post about it a while back!

Britney Jean said...

how fun! i don't have any tips for palm springs...but i hope you have a good time! girls trips are awesome!!

crissy said...

Ooh, vacations are wonderful. We're planning one to Corona in April (to visit my mom.)
Sorry I don't have any recommendations for you...but I hope you have a great time :)

Kassi said...

nicole - i can't wait. yay!

heather - i posted both comments because you said different things about the ace in each... and i wanted to remember so i could tell my girlfriends. my good friend had her bachelorette party there and they all loved it... sadly, i couldn't go but i so wish i had. thanks for all the info on it! i hope we can get a room there!

britney - thank you! i'm so excited to get away with the girls!

crissy - vacations are needed, no matter how short they are or where you go, sometimes it's just nice to 'get out of town'. have fun in corona!!

my name is lauren. said...

that stache is freaking rad!

wish i had some input on this, but seeing as i've never been to palm springs....i don't :(.

BUT...i've heard nothing but rave reviews of the ace hotel. we have one here in portland and i want to stay there SO bad!

this sounds like such a great trip! i'm so excited that you get some time away with your friends. always important...probably even more so once you're a mommy :).

love you friend. hope you guys had a good day today.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

{ never gets old :) }

heather said...

next door is a place called caliente tropics not as fun of a vibe but it is cheap to stay at and have good drinks!

BuenoBueno said...

thats dan! looks like the 70's
photo how awesome!!!
that wekeknd trip sounds fun but i know nothing about palm springs...
enjoyed are non video chat today!

Kassi said...

lauren - i know, right! he has a little beard going now... maybe he'll shave it off soon once the stache get's bushier. haha
the ace hotel looks and sounds amazing... i hope we get it! today was good. hope it was good for you love!
mucho love friendy!
xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

heather - you're the best, thanks you so much. we'll look into that one too. looks lice ace is booked that weekend. bummer.

brandi - those were the best glasses and i love the stache. maybe he'll shave his beard once the stache gets bushier.... i can hope at least!
i loved our non video chat today... i heart brandi mucho mucho ;-)
hit me up whenever your are bored! i'm glad you didn't try to video chat me though, you would have screamed! i looked like i could have been hit by a mack truck this morning... no joke.
x to the o!!

echo said...

Ace for sure. The one in Portland is awesome. The church Andy works for gives gift certificates to there a couple times a year to us. They have 500 sq ft suites that are amazing with such cool decor. Always really artistic and fun. (we are saving our recent cert. For the ace in NYC)
If u have not been. You should stay there for sure.

Sounds like a great trip

Kassi said...

i so wish we could go to the ace... it sounds so great... but all the rooms are booked for the weekend we are going :-( sadly, we have to find somewhere else.
nyc... how fun! when are you guys going to go?

shelly said...

jealous, jealous, jealous. sounds like a fabulous trip!

Bitsy said...

I've been sat thinking for ageeeees who your hubby reminded me of... You know when you know who you mean and can see him in your head but you dont know the name... Well I went and had a read of a mag and there he was... Orlando Bloom. xx

cupcake cutie said...

awwww, that sounds like so fun! i've never been - but girls weekends are the bestm and always well deserved! i thought your hubby was orlando bloom when i first saw that pic! hehehe

i love planning trips, enjoy

Kassi said...

shelly - i hope so!

bitsy and cupcake cutie - orlando bloom, that is so funny... and so funny that you both think so! he does kinda look like him in that pic, but not in real life. i think it's the mustache and the glasses.... he always gets told he looks like roger federar the tennis player... but i don't see that at all!
orlando bloom is a cutie. ;-)

lexylou said...

Wow Kass, that sounds so dreamy.... I am trying not to get green with envy over here....Girl vaca's are a must I think once a year. I went to Vegas with my girls just for kick's and it was a blast, not as relaxing as I would like but fun non the less...
That stache is so rad. And I was just going to put in very Orlando Bloom-ish too, I guess I am not alone. Hottie hubby indeed. But you my dear are a fine catch as well... ;)

LaLa said...

your blog is amazing! I love it!

Kassi said...

lexy - i agree, girls vacays are a must! i seriously can't wait! so funny that you thought the orlando bloom thing too. cracks me up!
by the way, i LOVE your house.... your windows and your floors are so gorgeous!
and thanks for saying i'm a catch too... :-) dan always gets all the compliments. ha!

lala - why thank you!! glad you like!! :-)

Laurnie said...

My favorite place to go...there is something just so relaxing about Palm Springs!!

Kassi said...

laurnie - do you have any recommendations as where to stay? i'm so looking forward to a little r and r!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Hmmm, sorry I can't help with Palm Springs, I've never been.

I can't believe that's Dan, he looks SO much different with that stache! He reminds me of an actor from a 1970's cop show.

I've still been doing my research on pc & mac multi party video conferencing. I'm going to make it happen. Period! And next time I'll have the mic plugged in the whole time! Haha!

xoxo milliongilliontrollioninfinity

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot to ask... what does the tattoo on Dan's arm say?

xoxo again (times fifty infinities)

Kassi said...

snow - i know! he looks the same with a stache as he does now... its just the glasses that make him look so different!
it will happen!!! can't wait!
you are super duper cute my friendy!
the tattoo on dans arm is in memory of his dad who passed away three years ago this valentines day... it's just his dads name, year of birth and year of death. he has another tattoo down his spine that says forgiven. he wants more... but we just seem to buy other things instead of spending the money on tattoo's...

xo majilliontimesabillioninfinities!

April said...

My husband and I stayed at Orbit In a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Was so quiet, relaxing, beautiful and would highly recommend it. But I'm sure you will have fun no matter where you stay!

Kassi said...

april - the orbit in sounds so nice... and thanks for recommending it. we looked into it, but they don't let more than two people to a room and there are three of us going. bummer. but yes, i'm sure we'll have a great time no matter where we stay - fun is what you make it!

Christina said...

As someone attending this Palm Springs trip, I can definitely say it is long overdue...much needed...and is highly anticipated! I cannot wait to get away with my girls and just relax! Love you, kass my frass!!!

The stache...ha ha! Silly Dan...

Kassi said...

oh my stina weena! i'm so excited... you have no idea! we're going to have so much fun!!! i love you mucho mucho grande!