Friday, February 5, 2010

friday fill in

its fill in the blank friday over at lauren's blog

play along and link up
answer in the comment section below!

1.  If I had two hours to myself today, I'd    work out .

2.  If I could travel anywhere today, I would go to   texas to see my sis and some other lovely peeps, oregon and virginia .

3.      the day i met dan      is my happiest memory.

4.  Sometimes you're  energetic    other times you're    just plain lazy .

5.  Beauty is   in the eye of the beholder.

6.  I would be embarassed if anyone knew    how often i change my sheets .

7.  Love at first sight is    pretty much what i experienced when meeting dan for the first time .

have a lovely friday my friends!



Sam said...

I'm guilty of being lazy more often than energetic. And clean sheets are the best!

brandi said...

yay i love these posts!
jacob changes our sheets a lot too! hes a freak!
xoxox what are you doing this weekend? come visit houston soon!!!

Kassi said...

sam and brandi - i'm embarrassed to say that i actually only change my sheets once a month or so. ugh, i can't believe i just said that! i love clean sheets but as i said in the fill in the blank... i'm just lazy about it! eek!
brandi - i was thinking of coming to houston in april (i think i told you that) but not sure as of yet. are you guys coming here in march/april? i would LOVE to see you when/if you do!
this weekend is thrifting, cleaning and having a super bowl shindig.... so exciting, i know. ;-)
x to the o yo!

Anonymous said...

aww how fun!!! ill be linkin up :] i wish i had 2 hours to work out as well!!

Kassi said...

i used to work out two hours/day 5-6 days a week! but now for some reason i can't find the time anymore. oh how i wish to have that time again!

crissy said...

I love that we put the same thing for #5, and similar somethings for #7. :)

Cole said...

I love that your best memory is meeting your hubby! I can't wait to read your answers to my survey!

Kassi said...

crissy - aw, that is fun!
cole - i'm excited to fill it out - i'll be working on it this weekend and i'll get it to you by sunday!

monica said...




Cat said...

lol I'm lazy about my sheets too but I try to change them every other week at least. I posted my fill in the blank on my blog! :) This is such a fun blog hop!


Micaela said...

interesting artwork... i dig it :)

#2- where in Texas is your sis? i love TX! and you can come visit me in VA tough it is SNOWING a heck of a lot this weekend.

i'm plain lazy today.


Kassi said...

monica - thanks about the picture... i've been doing a lot of sketching and doodling lately...
thanks for asking about tayli - she's doing great, such a trooper and starting to walk with her cast - it's pretty dar cute!

cat - it is a fun blog hop! i'm going to have to check out your answers! my husband actually changes our sheets... because it's such a CHORE for me. i hate it!

micaela - glad you dig the artwork! i found the image years ago in a surf magazine and made a card out of it for my hus one fathers day... i found the card yesterday and decided to do my own take on it... i thinks it fits beautifully with the wording i wrote next to it.
my sis lives in the woodlands which is near houston. i love it there. dude, i would so come to VA today if i could but i don't think i would be able to with all that snow - i'm sure flights are grounded there...
i'm lazy today too - it's raining here and rain always makes me lazy!

my name is lauren. said...

First...did you draw that picture?! It's so cool kass! Love it!

And I seriously would love to be visiting you today at the beach! And I want Brandi and Danielle to come too, but I'd still pick HB cause I want to go there the most and see your cute little life ♥.

Oh...and when I read your answer to what you'd be embarassed about I thought you washed them often and was going to comment and say I'd be embarassed for the exact opposite reason but then as I readyhrough the comments I realized we're on the same wave length. Laundry haters and infrequent sheet changers unite! Haha!

Love you so much a huge truckload!

xo. Thanks.
xo. Thanks.

my name is lauren. said...

PS. Tell your lovely little tayli I said hello :). Hope she's doing well with her little pink cast.

Kassi said...

lauren - i did! i'm glad you like it... i didn't know if i should post it since it has a boob and all and is a little strange... but i like it!
i wish you were here... but we wouldn't be beachin today - it's raining... BUT you could come and we could go thrifting! rainy days make the best thrifting days!
i know, i left that comment up for interpretation since i was embarrassed about it... ha. but yeah, i NEVER change our sheets. i hate it. i let dan do it. i should really change them though since dan's such a hairy beast and all!
united we stand!
um, mac truck load for me dude... ;-)

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks

so ichat date tuesday afternoon... what time are you girls thinking? you'll get to hang with tayli again... i know you're excited! :-)

my name is lauren. said...

I am free early (before 9:30) or around 2:30 or 3:00. I have home community in the evening at 7:00. If a different day works better we can do that too. Monday evenings are pretty free for me too. Just let me know what you guys think! ...I don't know if brandis much of an early riser. Ha!

Jamie said...

i did it!

ps i adore your drawing!!! you are so very talented:) i also love to hear how much you love your hubs. i love love:)


Kassi said...

lauren - 3 works great for me - might be kinda crazy around here with all three kiddos at home but if you guys don't mind then i don't!

jamie - thank you!!
i'm so glad you did it too... going to read it now!
hope your friday is going well my friend!

Kris Ann said...

LOVE your artwork! Very Psalm 139:13-14. And is that a yarn in the womb for knitting?! LOVE it!!!


Kassi said...

kris ann - that is exactly the verse i was thinking of! i just put beautifully instead of fearfully... that's why i didn't quote the Bible. and it's just a scribble in the womb but i love the yarn idea to go with the whole theme - i wish i had thought of that! we'll just say it's yarn though... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ok ... answers if your comment area again :)

1. If I had two hours to myself today, I'd "write".

2. If I could travel anywhere today, I would go to "virginia to see Geoff".

3. "the day my children were born" are my happiest memories.

4. Sometimes you're "ultra-deep" other times you're "goofy and silly".

5. Beauty is "shines from within".

6. I would be embarassed if anyone knew "how messy my car is".

7. Love at first sight "begins with a tap on the cheek and me telling Geoff, "You're a cutie!".

Kassi said...

aw, anna i love the story about how you and geoff met... :-) when does he come home? four weeks is way too long!

Anna said...

ok i am totally blog stalking you right now! I am obsessed with changing my sheets. (We call them "bed clothes" where i'm from). Everyone in my family is a crazy bed nazi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kassi ... Geoff doesn't get home until March 20 (though he'll stop by for a 2 day visit next weekend). Admittedly, it is wearing on me right now. Just looking for my second wind :) -Anna