Wednesday, February 24, 2010

formspring and mold

i've had the little formspring icon on the bottom of my page for about a month now 
but i've never mentioned it to you guys...
i've been asked a few questions that i've answered on there, but if any of you have anything else to ask 
please feel free to and i'll do a formspring post answering your questions later on this week
all you do is type your question in the formspring box anonymously... or not! :-)

today, i've been feeling pretty lousy
tired, cold and achey
to top it off
 we have a major mold problem in our house that we are renting
we have wonderful landlords who we are grateful for and they've said they will get rid of the mold for us
but after finding some more behind and underneath our fridge last night
dan has decided that it is definitely time to move.

this is the mold behind and underneath the fridge... some of it is dust... but most of it is mold - how disgusting is this! 
this photo completely grosses me out - this mold is on the girls toy chest that sits against the wall under their window
i just checked it a week ago and there was nothing there... now this. so sick. 

dan is convinced that the mold is the reason for his year long suffering 
and it totally makes sense 
since he didn't start to get sick until four months after moving here to HB and living in this house...

we are praying for a place to live
dan wants to stay in HB for now so that the kids can continue the school year in the same schools they are in now
but i'm willing to move anywhere
and i mean anywhere
even timbuktu

how is your wednesday going?
hopefully better than mine



kate maggie said...

aw! i hope the problem gets fixed soon.
i will be praying for a new home for you :)

i love your blog by the way..very lovely to read! x

Kassi said...

kate maggie - thank you, i so appreciate your prayers!
and thank you so much for the compliment on the blog! :-)

echo said...

kassi- MOVE

my brother in law was sick for a year as well due to mold and did not realize it until he moved and symptoms subsided.

and my good friends 3 year daughter became severely sick while living in her home that had "hidden" mold everywhere... since moving, she has been 100%!

not worth putting you sweet family at risk!

heather said...

has he been tested to see if he is allergic to mold? i have a friend that is. he lived an apartment with a lot of mold and is was causing all types of health issues. it made it worse because he was allergic to the mold!

Cole said...

Oh no! I hope you are able to find a new place to live. I'll be thinking and praying for your family and your search for your new place!

Kassi said...

echo - i agree! i have read such horror stories! especially on how it can affect kids... we are outa here (God willing) as soon as we find a new place!

heather - YES! he is allergic to mold... so that's why we're pretty convinced that is the problem to his health issues... is your friend better now that he is away from the mold?

cole - thank you so much! i so want to find a cute house with no mold!! ;-)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Ew, mold sucks. In our other house, we had an itty bitty leak in one of the beadroom windows when it would rain. I didn't pay much attention to it, but one day I noticed black mold on the carpet, wall and all around the window. I cleaned it all with bleach and luckily it never came back. You've got to be careful with that stuff because it can make you REALLY sick!

I wish you luck finding a place to live. Maybe this will be the answer to your prayers about moving further north!

I hope tomorrow you're warmer and less achey!

xo megazillionmillionbillion

Christina Rodrigues said...

oooo no! i've heard that mold can become a real problem . I hope everything works out for the best. be back to visit soon :)

Kassi said...

danielle - mold is nasty. ick. our whole wall that our bed was against was covered in mud... our bed had been hiding it... i only noticed it because we rearranged our furniture. it was covering our window too. we cleaned it with bleach but if it's on the outside of the walls then it quite possibly could be on the inside too... so some demo will be happening soon.
i hope you're feeling better! knowing me, i probably wont feel better until saturday... that's how i roll ;-)

christina - thanks so much!

BuenoBueno said...

move to houston!
im praying yall find a place safe and that the mold is the problem so that dan gets better!
love you guys!
cant wait to see yall in june!
how did yall discover the mold?

Kassi said...

aw, b, thanks so much for the prayers!
it would be so fun if we moved to houston... but dan would NEVER have it. :-( i'm so hoping that the mold is the problem... it would be such an answer to prayer to FINALLY know why he has been feeling this way!
where are you staying when you come? and is jacob coming with you? can't wait!
i discovered it when i was making my bed (our bed was under our bedroom window) and i saw some black mold on the blinds... i cleaned it up and suggested that we move our bed (i had been wanting to redecorate for a while) when we moved the bed there was blackish/greenish mold COVERING the wall where our bed had been from the window sill down... so sick. since then we have noticed it in each of the kids rooms (always behind furniture), in the dishwasher, bathrooms and behind/underneath the fridge. icky icky
x to the o love!

Andrea said...

Oh that is awful. I don't blame you for being grossed out and wanting to get out of dodge. Good luck in finding a place to move to, and I hope your week turns around.

crissy said...

Yikes, that is no good.
I hope you are able to find something new (and clean!) soon.

Kassi said...

andrea - gosh, thank you! i so hope we find a cute and healthy place for us to live!

crissy - so gross! yes, clean! i hope so too. thanks!

Anna said...

oh no, that is horrible. the same thing happened to me in a place i rented in college. drastic improvement in my health after i moved out. good luck finding somewhere new!

lydia. said...

i hope you guys get things solved soon!
that's so icky. :(
i hate that for you.
that totally makes sense that there's where dan's health concerns are stemming from.
hopefully he gets better and the rest of you stay well!


shellybellylarson said...

oh Kassi...Bless Your Heart !

You seriously need to move...asap. Don't mess around with the mold issue...some of those molds can cause brain damage, neuro problems, etc... my son has really bad allergies and his doc has warned us about mold.

I will lift a prayer for you and your sweet family....hoping you find a new home soon.

hugs, Shelly

my name is lauren. said...

That's so awful kass! I'm praying you find something else soon.

Oh...and iChat soon?

monica said... stressful.

just watched a documentary about black mold exposure, and the things people contracted were scary, varied from person to that could be exactly what dan has been suffering from.

it's called "black mold exposure-it could happen to you", if you want to check it out.

Sarah said...

I'm a new reader....and your blog is a daily fix. Mold is totally not healthy at all & it's probably best to get your precious children& hubby outta there. Best of Luck finding a new happy home!

Kassi said...

anna - really? what were your health issues if you don't mind my asking? and how long did it take for you to get better after moving?

lydia - totally icky! and thank you, i hope we find something soon too!

shelly - thank you for the prayers! i've read about how mold can affect people with allergies and it's scary! dan is allergic so i'm pretty sure this is what is causing his problem....

lauren - thanks friend! yes, ichat soon... when would you like to do it?

monica - it is stressful. i hate looking for places to rent - so tiring! i will check out that documentary... all the info i've found on the internet is pretty scary. i'm thankful that the kiddos are seemingly healthy so far!

sarah - thank you for reading! and we need all the luck and prayers we can get finding a new place - so thank you for that too!

Tiffany said...

We are having the same issue with mold in our house as well. Our son has been sick since December and the mold is the worst in his room - so we moved him to another room for now. We are trying to get out of our lease, but he has to find another renter before he'll let us go. Good luck!

Kassi said...

tiffany - oh no! what are the symptoms your son is having? praying for your son and that your landlord finds a new renter asap! i had no idea mold was so bad for you until all of this happened... it's horrible!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

So gross Kassi! I totally agree that is the reasoning for Dan's health problems. I'm sure his health will improve drastically once you guys get out of there.

@Tiffany - you guys should be able to get out of your lease based on the fact that it is not a safe home to live in. It should NOT be dependent on him finding a new renter. It is illegal for you to have to live there. Not sure if you are in CA, but here is a website that might help:

Claudette said...

Hey Kass...
Just got notice form our renters that they'll be out by March now we have a great place for you...only $1500 p/month :).

my name is lauren. said...

maybe ichat on tuesday? tuesday mornings are always good for me... unless i have a dentist appt or something. let me know. and maybe ask b?

Kittie Howard said...

Yes, move! Mold is nasty stuff. Enjoyed your blog.

Christina said...

Oh no! So gross! You guys definitely need to get out of there - stat! We are praying for you guys to find something awesome in the perfect neighborhood. MMG!

Kassi said...

chels - i hope his health improves after we leave otherwise i'll be sad.

mom - you're cute... that's too long of a commute though... ;-) mmg

lauren - tuesday might work!

kittie - thank you!!

christina - so sick! thanks for your prayers - i'm praying the exact same thing... and a super duper cute house! i would say mmg back to you but my mom would get jealous ;-) LOVE YOU!

BuenoBueno said...

oh my gosh! That is terrible and it is definitely the reason for all the sickness. WOW! I am so sorry that happened to y'all. Maybe there is somewhere better that y'all are suppose to be and this is just the nudge that was needed to move on to something great! you'll be in my prayers.


Kassi said...

kell - that's what i'm thinking too ;-) and thank you for the prayers! xo

mara - i'll be a bit bummed if it isn't the problem... but regardless, it's good to get out of this house!
hope you have a lovely weekend too!xx

Average Terran said...

I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blog of poetry and follow it.

questioningsoul said...

I saw this on FB ... dang that CA moisture! Your landlords seem so nice, but you are right; your health comes first. I hope this resolves Dan's headaches. I know this year has been tough on you all with those. Bless you!

lexylou said...

Oh man... I feel like I have been gone a month I am so behind on blog reading, but it has only been a week... Love the new blog header!
Sorry to hear about more mold problems, mucho sucks my dear. I hope the Lord has a rad space he is holding for you and your fam and it is coming to you soon! Praying!

NYCmoldRemoval said...

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