Tuesday, February 16, 2010

weekend review part one

this weekend was much needed and wonderful

saturday i spent the day with the girls and my mom

my mom trimmed all of our hair
we went for a walk to the cafe for lunch
did a little thrifting
hung out at my granny's and had a marvelous dinner and the best lemon maranque pie
got serenaded by my step-dad's barbershop quartet in honor of valentines day

and then got some alone time with dan and actually went to the movies... which we never do... we saw wolfman

here's a little review

tannyn's goodies from her valentines party

tayli wearing tann's heart crown

the awesome sewing box my mom found for me while thrifting

 cleaning it up

barbie time

my beautiful mom and yours truly 

dan and tay playing with the rag dolls

my sweet tyler

the best lemon maranque pie that my granny made

tannyn putting on a show for us... a tootie ta a tootie ta a tootie ta ta

catch with great gran

pretty tann

lovely daffodils 


swing time

my step-dad, bob's, barbershop quartet (bob is the one rocking that awesome stache)

being serenaded

isn't my gran purty!

sunday morning giving the girls their valentines before we headed off to go camping

ty with his valentine

we had a great time
 i love my family so much!

tomorrow i'll post pics of our camping trip
i wish we were still there...

how was your weekend?



BuenoBueno said...

i forgot to say your hair seemed shorter:)
and omg i say it all the time but your fam is beautiful! those kids and your hubby, and your mom and grandma! they are all in great shape too:)
im super excited to see more photos of camping...and i love your box. ew gross...sorry i mean that sewing box! haha

my name is lauren. said...

I love that pic of you and Dan. And you look so pretty in that blue dress.

Your dads quartet is awesome too. So much fun crammed in one weekend! Can't wait to see your camping pics. So glad you had a good relaxing weekend!

Love you pretty friend.

Xo. Thanks.
Xo. Thanks.

Andy said...

It looks so much fun!!! you look lovely and your mum is so awesome, giving you the prettiest sewing box ever!


Anna said...

wow that is an action packed weekend! makes me feel lazy. My mam-maw had a sewing box like that. I thought it was a treasure chest growing up. (We randomly found my dad's class ring in it after she passed away.) You are right those boots are just what I want!! And they look great with your blue dress. thanks for sharing all of the photos, your family is adorable.

shelly said...

looks like a wonderful weekend. your family is lovely :)

Jamie said...

The pics of you and your mom and you and your grandma are so gorgeous!!! Beautiful family!!!! Looks like such an awesome weekend! xo

Kassi said...

brandi - thanks love! and you cracked me up with your box comment - haha
x to the o

lauren - aw, thanks. the dress is a f21 find! camping pics coming soon. :-)
xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

andy - thank you! i'm so excited about my sewing box - my mom is the best!

anna - the sewing box does look like a bit like a treasure chest - how funny that you found your dads ring in it. i hope you find some boots! and thanks for the compliment!

shelly - thank you, it was a good weekend!

jamie - aw, thanks... i come from good genes ;-) hope you're feeling well today friend!

xxoo to you all!

With Love, Jamie said...

Love the photos (cute party!) you are so, so pretty :)

Kassi said...

jamie - aw, thank you so much! :-)

LaLa said...

omg so precious!!! what beautiful pictures!! Looks like a great one! :D

Kassi said...

lala - thank you! it was fun!

BrittanButterfly said...

Oh gosh, where do I begin? First I had a hard time getting past the fact that you had lemon merangue pie, I love merangue!!! Second, You look beautiful! And you have the most amazingly beautiful family (all of you, including mom, gran, and great gran! I hope I look that beautiful when I am older and wiser!) And third, how CUTE is your step dad and his barbershop quartet? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!! thanks for sharing, what a great weekend!

Kassi said...

aw, thanks brittan!
oh my, i have to get her lemon maranque recipe! it is sooooo good! you would love it!
thanks for all the compliments on the fam and my step dads quartet is awesome. they traveled all over from restaurants to peoples homes to sing... they ended up stopping by to sing for us in between gigs. it was such a treat. they really are good. :-)

lydia. said...

i love that great-gran is out playing catch!
so awesome. haha. :)
and i used to think sink baths were so fun when i was a little one, but tayli doesn't appear to be enjoying it. ha.

you have such a beautiful family!

Kassi said...

lydia - gran is awesome... she's 85 and still plays baseball with the kiddos! amazing! i hope i have her energy when i'm that old! yeah, tayli hasn't been excited about baths since she got her cast... she's so paranoid that it'll get wet. haha
thanks for the compliment!

Kassi said...

thanks mara! it was a great weekend! i hope yours was as well! camping pics coming soon! xx

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

my gramma had a sewing box just like that too! I have fond memories of crafting with her.

loving the barber-shop quartet too. What a cute thing to do!

Kassi said...

chels, the sewing box is so cool and can hold so much stuff. that's cute that you used to craft with your gma
can't wait to see pics of the new house!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

You make the prettiest kids! I think Tann & Ty look just like you, but after seeing that pic of Dan, I can say that Tayli is his twin for sure! It looks like you had a nice time with your family, and the sewing box your mom got you is beautiful!

xoxo millionzillioncubed

Kassi said...

aw, thanks danisnow! ty def looks like me! but the girls are pretty good combinations - my coloring etc... with some of dan's side in them too.
the sewing box is marvelous! i can't wait to start using it... it's still at my moms since we didn't have room in our car for it. their bringing it to me next weekend though...
ps. i found you something at the thrift store.... i'll be mailing it out to you soon! ;-)

Christina said...

Oh my gosh...I have that same old sewing box! I inherited it from Bryan's Grandma Boom Boom when we were up there over Thanksgiving! It's even full of thread and supplies (though I'm sure the thread is no good anymore). But how fun, we match! Love you, bestie, mucho mucho grande!!!

Kassi said...

how funny! was it made in norway? mine was.... how old is yours? i have no idea how old mine is! i love that we match!! can't wait to see you on sunday!! love you mucho my bestie!!