Saturday, February 6, 2010

grand plans

good morning friends

it's a rainy saturday here and i love it

i've been doodling a lot lately... 

i had grand plans of rearranging my bedroom but i have a feeling that dan will be in bed most of the day today. 
this week has been bad for him... :-(

i also had plans to go thrifting...  but i don't want to take all three kids
i think we're going to pick up some supplies and make pretty valentines for the kids in tannyn's class
totally the perfect craft project to do on a rainy day!

speaking of tannyn
we got frozen yogurt yesterday
this is what i see her doing with the lids


this girl totally cracks me up!

what are you guys doing today?
anyone doing anything fun for super bowl sunday?

enjoy your saturday my friends!



Claudette said...

I love your sketch! Your description didn't do it justice; I want to see all the rest of them. Did you have a chat with Tannyn about the value of being a little girl? Those boobs are gonna come soon enough! Sorry Dan is feeling worse than usual today; I had a bit of the flu yesterday with a headache. Frankly, I don't know how he perseveres like he does. Love you. Mom

Kassi said...

thanks mom... i'll show you the others over skype :-)
i didn't have a chat with tann... i was too busy laughing and didn't even think of it. after she did it, tayli did it too but as a uniboob and i was dying...
yeah, this week has been hard... on all of us. he sleeps a lot... that's how he perseveres... but i agree, i don't know how he does it either.
sorry to hear you weren't feeling well... are you feeling better today? love you... mucho mucho grande.

Cherry Tree Lane said...

I love her already!!!
happy saturday my friend!

Kassi said...

she's a character that's for sure!
happy saturday to you too my friend!

Anna said...

great pictures, that is cracking me up. love that afghan on the back of your couch! we are snowed in today with a foot of snow. nothing but omelets, laundry, & couch snuggling (a perfect day in my opinion).
have a fab-tastic weeekend!

Kassi said...

ooh, anna, your day sounds wonderful!
and thanks about the afghan... someone in my husbands family made it years ago. i love it too!

BrittanButterfly said...

that sounds so fun! your girlie is crazy funny! today I am working on my long list of projects I want to get done... I might take a break to do a little thrifting and I am going to go get supplies to make more hula hoops... fun fun fun! I have also been working on getting things together for the knick knack exchange!
have a lovely saturday!!!

Micaela said...

i laughed out loud at this! she is so cute. :)

your doodles are lovely.

i loooove football so i will be watching though my beloved dallas cowboys did not make it this year.

i'm snowed in again in VA so perhaps i'll finish reading the last Twilight book, clean, and laze some more ;)

happy saturday!

lydia. said...

she is such a little cutie!
cracked me up.

have fun making valentines!

lexylou said...

Bahahaha... I almost spit out my coffee. She is a hoot.
Grand plans? Well laundry, cleaning the house after being mucho lazy all week and not wanting to do it, not so grand.
Well... my son has a one track mind, and ever since he got mail to be apart of a sticker exchange club he has been asking since 7 am to go out and by stickers to mail to his friends. Sooo look's like I will be going on a sticker hunt.
Me with my one track mind has been wanting to go get robins egg blue nail polish, after seeing it everyone. Eye on the prize....I will get it....

echo said...

I remember the days of stuffing. I used socks. These are much better! More round and true to shape. Sweet girl u have! Excited for what I have to look forward to with mine in the future.

BuenoBueno said...

omg thats hillarious!!!!
i used to do that with tennis balls.
have fun making valentines!!!
i worked all day now im gonna go see ryder and go see a movie with my dad:)

Danielle said...

I LOVE the sketch! annnnd omg, your little girl is hilarious!

Love it <33

Jamie said...

your doodles are so AWESOME!!! i loveee them! i want one:) you are just too talented & adorable!
i was cleaning out my studio last night & found an ad in a magazine that looks just like you! i'm gonna scan it & send it to you!

tannyn is SO FUNNY! i hope she enjoys them as much when she really has them...i just remember being embarrassed...prob too much info...haha

happy saturday! i wanna see the cutie valentines too!

my name is lauren. said...

i love your sketch! so fun that you are sharing these with us. they make me smile :).

tannyn is hillarious. when i first read this, i didn't read what you wrote at first before i saw the picture and was like....what???? wow! tannyn is really developed for being so young! i don't remember noticing that before.... haha. just frozen yogurt lids :).

sorry dan's feeling under the weather and your thrifting plans got cancelled, but i hope you guys had/are having fun making little valentines. so fun. maybe i need to make my own. post pictures of your final product...excited to see them!

anyway, love you mucho friend. hope your day is lovely.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

ricebabies said...

Aww yes, I would love to do many things...sans kids..he he. This weekend. If i could get ONE doll done, I would be over the moon.

Adding your button to my blog. =)

biscuit said...

i had to doubletake that one... hahahaha! kids are awesome!

MannMom3 said...

She has bigger boobies than you!

Kassi said...

brittan - you make hula hoops? that is awesome!

micaela - thanks about the doodles... hope you enjoyed the game!

lydia - thank you!

lexy - stick exhanges - so fun! and that nail polish sounds perfect for spring!

echo - i used to use socks too! cherish these sweet baby moments while you can - they grow up much too fast!

mara - thank you :-) you heard thunder? it ended up not raining and i was so bummed...

brandi - hope you had fun with ryder - looking forward to 'meeting' him on tuesday! what movie did you and your dad see?

danielle - thank you thank you... this isn't her first time pretending she has boobies... she kills me with the things she does!

jamie - email me your address and i'll send you a doodle... you are too sweet. :-)and i'm with you, i was so embarrassed when i got little boobs too!

lauren - thanks ;-) haha... that's funny that you thought they were real. we ended up not making valentines because dan DID feel better... so the valentines will be happening tomorrow! xo. thanks. xo. thanks. ;-)

ricebabies - thanks for adding the button! were you able to get the doll made? (by the way, i LOVE your dolls)

biscuit - haha... they do look pretty good don't they?! and yes, i agree!

keel - hahahaha..... true that yo!

Christina said...

Freaking hilarious! I love that girl!

Kassi said...

hahaha... she so takes after dan! ;-)