Sunday, February 21, 2010

get to know me... get to know you

the weekend flew by in a flash!

friday i ended up going to blog sugar 
that the sweet and beautiful rachel from no.17 cherry tree lane threw
i wasn't sure if i was going to go 
but i'm so glad i did!
i totally forgot to take pictures 

i met some wonderful people
of course, rachel
the super stylish and gorgeous laura from ascot friday
and elsie from namaste who is a total riot
 so much fun!
i met a few others who were super sweet but sadly, i forgot to write down the name of their blogs
i hope to see them again at another blog sugar event
thank you, rachel, for a fun evening
it was so great to finally meet you! 

saturday i decided to finally spend my gift card to anthro 
that i had been sitting on since christmas
i bought the cutest shoes ever!

how cute are these? oxfords meets gladiator... and so comfy! i absolutely love them!

dan and i had fun hanging out with the girls
and enjoying a double feature date night
two movies in one night
we never do that!

today was church and then a fun dinner back there in celebration of their 14 year anniversary
where we met some more incredible people
and got to talk to tyler's youth pastor and wife 
and hear all about his amazing time at winter camp

a good weekend indeed

what did you guys do this weekend?

now onto my seesters blog hop

getting to know you

1. How often do you wash/change your sheets? not often enough.... gross, i know
2. When is your birthday? april 4, 1980... the big 30 is fast approaching!
3. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life? why yes i have! (mentioned above)
4. Brad Pitt or George Clooney? i'll take both por favor ;-)
5. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be? longer legs which in turn would make me taller
6. How often do you wash your hair? just about every day... i prefer my hair to be clean over dirty
7. Do you have pets? ruca dog... a sweet and pretty black flat coat retriever... pretty much the most tolerant  dog ever
8. How many social networks do you belong to..if you had to give up one, what would it be? three... blogger, twitter and facebook. hmmm... that's a hard question... maybe facebook?

check out keely's blog to link up
leave your answers in the comment section 

sleep tight
don't let the bed bugs bite!



my name is lauren. said...

glad you had a good weekend friend.

love the new shoes. cute cute. i need to take a little trip to anthro. i've still never bought anything there. today craig bought a b-day present for his mom there and i was all pouty that he was getting her something there, but never gets me anything there :(. haha.

glad you had a fun date & that tyler had fun at winter camp. can't wait to hear about it next time we chat.

love you lady! time for bed now.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

MannMom3 said...

Those shoes are pretty stinkin cute..

What does not often enough mean..I want the deets.

I think I could give up twitter and FB and be happy..

Thanks for playin yo!

shelly said...

kassi! the shoes are rockin. LOVE your style. how in the world did you hold onto a giftcard from Anthro that long sister??!! i commend you. could.not. do it.ever.

Anna said...

those shoes are super adorable!!

Kassi said...

lauren - oooh, what did craig get his mom? he needs to surprise you with something from anthro for sure... or you should just go in and spoil yourself... really.
xo. thanks. xo. thanks. ;-)

keel - i am in love with my shoes. you have no idea. um, yeah, the sheet thing... let's just say, dan does it... i never do. i don't really want to get rid of any of my networking sites... i have different peeps on all of them and i would miss certain people. :-(

shelly - i have NO idea how i waited so long - i totally surprised myself. part of me was waiting to lose five pounds (which hasn't happened yet) and the other part of me was waiting until i had some extra money to spend to go along with my gift card. i'm glad i waited though... i adore my shoes!

anna - i know! and thanks! i loooove them!

ricebabies said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I had the best weekend I have had in a long while. Just got to be with my little men and the big one. Ate crepes, bought a new book, hit the playground, it was grand.

Having a giveway, check it out.

Kassi said...

oooh crepes... yum!
your weekend sounds lovely!
i entered your giveaway last week and i'm hoping to win! ;-)

Catherine Anne said...

Love them

Kassi said...

thanks catherine anne :-)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I'm glad you got to go to the blog sugar event, and I'm glad you weren't so shy you couldn't enjoy it!

And look at you, Miss Kate Moss in your stylish outfit! The shoes are super cute, and you're lucky you got an anthro gift card. I can't wait until it's warm enough for me to wear sandals again.

Ditto on the legs. Man, I wish there was such a thing as a natural leg growth stimulator.

I hope you had a good day, sweet friend!

xoxo billiontrillionmagillioninfinity

Kassi said...

danielle - i totally had an anxiety attack before going... and then i got LOST! i was about to go home when dan calmed me down and got me going in the right direction.... ha. the gals i met were super nice... so it was pretty easy once i was there!
you are so cute... thank you! i'm in love with the shoes! speaking of shoes, i love yours! and your dance moves!
i've thought of going the sly stallone route when it comes to my legs but decided it wasn't for me after all... i'm not a fan of pain! i so wish there was some sort of growth serum or something.

Andrea said...

Hi Kassi, I meet you for a brief second at Blog Sugar in Rachel's kitchen. {I was the tall girl that felt incredibly awkward about wearing heels that night because no one was wearing heels and I felt like a GIANT}. See, be careful what you wish for ;) Anyhow, just wanted to say how sweet your blog is and I'm totally using your idea about 2 things I like about my house Tuesday. LOVE IT! Been thinking about what I'm going to post for the past couple of days.

Kassi said...

hi andrea! you are so funny... you looked beautiful and rocked your heels and your height!
i'm so excited that you'll be playing along today for two things i love!
and your blog is so pretty! i love your header!!

Kristin said...

Your shoes are just fabulous and SO versatile. Anthro seduces me way too often!

Kassi said...

kristin... i hear ya... me too.
and thank you, i think they are fab too!