Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Things i Love... Around my Home

time for another round of 

two things i love... around my home

here are my two things for today

i love this little chair... i found it at an antique store up north and i fell in love right away... 
i've been toying with idea of painting it but i love how it looks as is. 
my great grandma made the pillow... i have three... and i love them too

i found this great kitchen stool at the same antique store that i found my little chair at.
the gal said it was from pennsylvania
i love this little guy and he has served us very well over the years.

what are your two things? 
i would love for you to share!

to play
write a post with your two things that you are lovin or appreciating this week 
link back to me and then come back here to link up to the mcklinky so that all who have played can see your two things!

thanks to all who played along last week!

enjoy your tuesday my friends!



Fallon said...

I really love how your grandmas pillow looks in the chair. That stool is great too. All the years of wear add to its charm :)

Anonymous said...

Love them both! I have been on the lookout for a step stool/seat combo like the one you have.


BuenoBueno said...

yay i love them both.
you and lauren have the cutest homes!
im glad you have this post! im working on mine right now:)
love you friend and your great gma is awesome!!! i wish i had that pillow!

Micaela said...

i wish i could have a table of unmatching chairs.

but add pillows like these. LOVE!

Lindsay said...

I love this!! This is the first time I participated and love loved doing it!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I'm linkerized! I thought I'd get it done sooner, but I had to take a nap. I sound like an old lady.

Anyway, I love your chair and the pillow. You've got so many neat, sentimental things! I also like your stool, and I think it's really unique with the steps. My mom has found lots of red and white antiques and she lives in PA, so I imagine it's all that PA Dutch stuff.

Let's all plan a California date in June! I might seem too excited, but I can hardly wait to go back to Cali!!!!!

xoxo zillionquadrillioncubed

lexylou said...

Oh man, I just love your taste and style you got going in your home. Love the little stool!
I just finished mine up, it is getting harder as I move in less than 3 weeks and lots has been packed away...

my name is lauren. said...

that little stool is so darling. i love it. i can just picture your kiddos climbing up on it :).

hope you had a lovely day today beautiful friend! i miss you. we should chat again soon.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Helga said...

I love both of your things. The step stool reminds me of the one my Grandma used to have, I always loved it :o)

kittycat said...

umm first off - you have the cutest family ever!
second off - i'm obsessed with your blog.

i wouuuuld link up with this but i live in a dorm room and there's really not much i can find around this dorm that i love. it's tiny!

Violet Bella said...

those are my favorite kind of pillows, how special for you!

passport in my pocket said...

that red-and-white kitchen stool is awesome! Great find.

We have an chair made with a fabric from pieces of vintage menswear suits. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

elsiee said...

sweet sweet stool! bet you didn't count on me being SUCH a blog stalker did ya honey!!

I've mcklinky'd my post too!

Kristin said...

Ohhhhhhh, I adore your stool. SO precious!

Catherine Anne said...

me too