Monday, February 8, 2010

little weekend review in photos

 i found this gorgeous antique globe from the 50's

bought some frames to paint from the goodwill

vans bus in our neighborhood... tyler and i wanted to steal it

into the game much?

totally posed

cousin fun

navid and tayli

beautiful african violet that kiana brought me

my wonderful sister in law, kiana, and yours truly

homemade banana cake with carmel frosting...mmmm

overall our weekend was pretty good!

dan ended up feeling better on saturday so i was able to go antiquing and thrifting
we did not get those valentines made though... but that's okay - it's on todays agenda!
dan and i also rearranged our bedroom
our bed was under the window and i decided to move it after seeing some black mold growing on our window... yuck! i cleaned it up right away, but thought since dan is allergic to most molds, it would probably be a good idea to move our bed
we moved it and found black mold covering the wall from the window sill down... our bed had been hiding it... luckily there was no mold growing on our bed!
we've found some mold throughout the house so we've decided to finally call our landlord to let him know - it is not healthy for us to be living in a house with mold and i'm almost positive that dan's health issues may have something to do with this house. 
who knows though.
anyway, i should have taken a picture of it but was so disgusted that we cleaned it right away.

sunday we had my sis-in-law, kiana, and her three kids over for the super bowl
my brother (her husband) has been in japan and russia for the past ten days and i always like to spend time with her when he goes out of town.
we enjoyed some good appetizers, wine, great conversation, laughs and my homemade banana cake with carmel frosting
so good.

how was your weekend? 
what did you guys do?


ps. be sure to check out cole's blog today - she's doing a love series in honor of valentines day and asked me to be a guest... 
 check it out and let me know what you think!
cole is an awesome girl with a pretty blog and i felt very honored to be asked to be her guest
thanks cole!


Cherry Tree Lane said...

stop being so pretty and skinny, dang it! :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Love, love, love the globe! If we hadn't gotten all that snow and ice, I was going to do a little thrifting myself! Maybe later this week...

The pictures of Dan and Tyler are so cute, and your house looks pretty as always! Also, you look really tall in the picture with your sister-in-law...good angle!

Happy Monday to you, my friend!
xoxo milliongilliobillionzillion

me said...

i love your blog. you are totally gorgeous!! posted the link to yours on mine :) have a wonderful day!!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Kassi - so sorry to hear about your mold situation! It definitely sounds like that could be the culprit for Dan's health problems. Glad you found it though!!

Sounds like you wound up having a fun weekend. I love the little doodle you did. I can't draw - at all. I doodle mushrooms and butterflies whenever I do any doodling!

Saturday was a rest day. Laundry, cleaning and downtime with the kiddos. We did have a fun time making a nice dinner, having some wine and a "monster dance party" with the kiddos. Followed that by dessert and then a nighttime walk to the park where Sutter and Carl had lightsaber fights in the dark and Harper and I rode a shark! Good times!!

Cole said...

I'm honored to have you be a guest blogger!
PS I think you need to stop showing pictures of your gorgeous family, I want to steal them all up. Oh, and that globe is awesome!

Kassi said...

oh rachel, you are too funny! :-)

danielle - i know, i was so glad to find the globe! i've been looking forever and finally found this one for $24 which i thought was a pretty good price!
thanks about the house - i'm not quite done... still waiting on that print i ordered. dan and ty are total posers... they only cared about the game yesterday because they each had $5 in on a bet to see who would win! tall is good! i'll take it! ;-) xomuchomajillionbillioninfinity!

me - aw, you are so sweet - thank you! and thanks for adding my blog button! you rock!

chelsea - i really do wonder if the mold is the culprit... seeing as dan was totally healthy when we lived up north and then all of a sudden four months after living in this house he gets sick.... hmmmm.
your weekend sounds fun! dance parties with the kiddos are the best! are you in your new house yet? i can't wait to see pics (inside and out)!!

cole - thank you :-) you are so sweet... if you lived closer, i would let you borrow them any time! ;-)

my name is lauren. said...

My bloggy bestie is beautiful ♥. You look so pretty with your skirt and that lovely Bueno Bueno key.

Glad you had a good weekend friend! Sooooper excited for tomorrow!!!

Off to check out your guest feature!

xo. Thanks.
xo. Thanks.

monica said...

I love the one of the boys screaming. Since I am noticing a colt jersey, this screaming was probably at the end of the game when they lost:)

you look so pretty in your skirt. but, what's new? you always look pretty:)

Happy Monday

Kassi said...

:-) thank you love... i'm actually not fond of that pic but it was the only decent one of kiana and i. and i'm wearing pants.. tricked ya!

yay for tomorrow!! 3pm right? who's playing hostess? do you know?

hope you're day is going well!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Kassi said...

monica - haha. they were toally posed! not really an action shot at all. they were just completely goofing off. dan was going for the saints and ty was going for the colts... they had a bet going...
thanks for the compliment - you are so sweet! oh, and i'm actually wearing pants!

my name is lauren. said...

do you wanna play hostess? my ichat skills are terrible, if you remember correctly :).]

and yes....3:00!

The Kitten and the Bear said...

What a beautiful smile you have - you're face looks so full of light.
And that cake looks like a big melty pile of deliciousness. I'd love a recipe post sometime! xx

BuenoBueno said...

omg i want that cake!
your hubby and son are so awesome! hahaha
love your outfit!
and what are you gonna do with those frames?
what color are you painting them?
one more day!!!

lexylou said...

What a fun weekend! Lovvvvve the globe! I have been on the hunt for one too. What a find indeed. Can't wait for tomorrow and your two things!

redeemed diva said...

Great blog. Found you through Cherry Tree lane. I love your photos. You have a good eye.

Catherine Anne said...

Great pics

Kassi said...

lauren - i'll try to do it... hopefully i can remember!

kitten and bear - thank you, that is so nice of you to say! :-) the banana cake recipe has been in our family forever... it is so good. good idea about posting the recipe!

brandi - the cake is soooo good!
they are pretty funny... you should see the pics i didn't post!
thanks about the outfit! did you notice my key? i'm wearing danielle's bracelet too. i'm addicted.
i bought five frames and have used three already - one of them i specifically bought for a print i bought off of etsy. the others i just wanted to have... you can never have enough frames. not sure on the colors yet! the three i'm using right now are as is. tomorrow! tomorrow! i'll love you tomorrow! it's only a day away! xo!

lexy - i had been on the hunt too! and everywhere i went they were either super expensive or just too old looking. i was hoping to find one for cheaper than what i paid but i'm just glad i didn't pay over $30!. i hope you're playing along tomorrow - you have such a gorgeous house and pretty things!

diva - thank you. and thanks for coming by!

catherine anne - thank you!!

Katherine said...

gosh, your house is SOO cute! i love it! (minus the mold, of course--i hope your landlord helps with that!)

crissy said...

Yum, that cake looks so good. And you are gorgeous.
Good thing you found that mold (even though it's super gross) it's definitely the sort of thing that should be taken care of.
Glad you had such an awesome weekend :)

Micaela said...

brilliant find on that globe kassi!

you are stunning! i love your outfit and the key necklace. & why can't i wear bangs like you?

the posed picture is great! football calls for dramatics esp with a game like that lol

i really love your house decor. that tree painting in the background and is that a frame with shelves? (with the starfish) and the blue lamp... i wish i could come over and just look at all your decorations. :)

Kassi said...

katherine - wow! thanks so much... that means a lot coming from you since i admire your decor and style so much!! :-)

crissy - thank you! the cake is so good and i've eaten almost the whole thing in 24 hours.... ugh. time to get my workout on! we called our landlord today... waiting to hear back from him. i hope they do something... it was so gross. but yes, i'm glad we found it!

micaela - i love the globe! the picture doesn't do it justice... it is so pretty. brandi at muchomuchobuenobueno sells the key necklaces - they are so fun! thanks for the compliment!
i love the boys posed picture. they were being so goofy... some of the other pics of them were so hilarious but completely inappropriate to post!
the tree painting is from pier one and the frame is from germany - it used to have a painting on it and you could open it and hide your valuables behind it on the shelves. my gran gave me the frame but kept the painting. i love it.

thanks so much for all the sweet compliments ladies!!!

Micaela said...

how neat to have a place to keep your secrets behind unsuspecting art ;)

but it's sweet that your gran has the painting and you the frame... kind of like pieces of a best friends necklace :)

Kassi said...

aw, micaela, it is so sweet when you put it that way! i love that. by the way, i love your new profile pic. you're such a pretty girl! and i just read your comment on cole's post... thank you... you are so sweet! :-)

Jamie said...

oh my gosh about the mold!!! that's awful! that HAS to affect how dan's feeling! i'm super allergic to mold, it makes me feel sooo terrible, just overall blah. i hope your landlord fixes that asap!
your weekend looks super fun! i'm getting behind on my blogs! i'm too busy right now:( your on my top i'm not too far behind:)
oh & those kids look like they're having a blast! i remember & miss those times!

Kassi said...

jamie - the mold is so gross! we're still waiting to hear back from our landlord... so we'll see. i think we should move but we can't afford it right now. :-(
your in my top too babe!
cousin love is so sweet. they get along so well, i am so grateful!