Wednesday, February 10, 2010

no one is left out

tannyn and i finished up her valentines 
we had a lot of fun making them
she did a lot of the cutting and the glueing and all of the writing
her party is on friday 
kindergarten valentines parties are the best
everyone gets one
no one is left out
i love that!

be sure to check out my seesters blog 

rate my space is up

go over and check out the family rooms, pick the one you like the best and vote!

i'm number 4 if you want to vote for me :-)

have a lovely wednesday my friends!



Elizabeth said...

I love that you let Tannyn do most of the work. Moms who do it all should be stopped. Where's the fun in that :)

Kassi said...

elizabeth - agreed! although, i have to say, it was so hard to not do it all since i enjoy crafty stuff so much. but it was so fun teaching her how to cut hearts out and i was so proud of her for writing all the names herself.... it was fun! i hope the kids love the valentines... but i'm sure all they will really care about is the candy! :-)

Jamie said...

those are so precious! i miss exchanging homemade valentines & making the bags everyone dropped them in to. fun times;)

i'm going to vote now!

Kassi said...

jamie - i know, right? that was fun... until you got into, like, 5th grade and you only got two valentines.... ugh. ;-)

my name is lauren. said...

cute cute valentines!

we're having a little v-day party here on friday. we've been decorating valentine's bags all morning. i look like a glitter tornado hit me! haha!

love you friend!

off to check out rate my space!

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

heart charlie said...

OH!! Aww!! Those vday cards/candy giftings are so adorable. They melt my heart with love ;)

my name is lauren. said...

p.s. i just voted for you. my family room looks lame, cause i took crap pictures with my iphone. maybe i'll take better ones next time...and vacuum and tidy up a bit more. your family room looks immaculate! look at you martha stewart!

oh...and keely didn't post a picture of my piano...the cutest part of the room. oh well...i'll have to get some better angles for the next room :).

ok...still love you! bye!

Cole said...

Elementary school valentines parties are the best! Tannyn's valentines are so cute.

Erica said...

Those valentines are beautiful! Go check out my blog cuz I left something there for you!

TAMMY said...

Love the valentines. What a great idea to make your own!

Anna said...

love the purple/pink/red hues! i miss valentine parties. another reason why being a grown up sucks.

Kassi said...

lauren - how fun! you get to work with such a fun age! and i'm sure you look divine with all that glitter on! :-)
thanks for voting for me... number one has the prettiest windows and such great light! and i love your house, but you're right, those pics did not do it justice. :-( i'm sad keel didn't put the piano picture up... i love how you decorated it!
xo. thanks.

charlie - thanks... kids valentines are the best to make!

cole - agreed! and thank you!

erica - thank you! checking out your blog now... excited to see what it is!

tammy - thank you. it was so fun!

anna - i know, why don't we get fun v-day parties anymore. sad!

BrittanButterfly said...

what wonderful loving valentines! I love making valentines cards!!!

Becca said...

V-Day parties were always the best party of the year in elementary school. I LOVE that she made her own valentines cause most parents these days just go buy a box at Target! Thanks for calling me a cute preggo...I felt like a whale!

Kassi said...

mara - thanks mara! :-)

brittan - i know, so fun!

becca - they were fun... until like fourth or fifth grade. ugh, then it just got sad... at least for me anyway.
you were a cute prego!! but i hear ya... i actually WAS a whale when i was pregnant.. ;-)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Those valentines are so cute! I miss being in elementary school because of all the parties we had. So many reasons to eat candy and cupcakes and not have to learn anything boring, like math!

I voted for your living room ;)

Can't wait to chat again, and I hope you guys have had a good day!

xoxo zillion trillion cubed and squared

heather said...

how funny! the ones we made have the same exact air head suckers also!!! my 3rd grade son doesn't want to make any this year.

Kassi said...

danielle - haha... i hated math with a passion! that comment made me giggle :-)
thanks for voting for my living room... there were some pretty nice other ones. i would die for the floors and windows in number 1!
xo gazilliontrillionforeverbillion

heather - i know! i think i commented on your post yesterday saying how my daughters were like the ones you guys made. too funny. i didn't notice it was the same lollipop though. too funny!

Britney Jean said...

awww...i miss elementary school valentines day parties. so fun! you feel so special. hahaha

Kassi said...

britney - i think we as adults should start having those parties again! how fun would that be!?

questioningsoul said...

Voted for you :)

Kassi said...

thanks anna!
i was just perusing facebook and came upon that photo of you and geoff the day before jackson was born... so sweet and you are the cutest prego. i hope you have a lovely valentines with geoff - so glad he'll be home for it!
love you guys!