Wednesday, February 17, 2010

weekend review part two - camping

ahhh... camping
the smell of wildflowers, the ocean, fires blazing...
getting dirty, not showering, not caring
being carefree
i love it

dan and i had a great time on our night away
we camped at el capitan state beach just north of santa barbara
a usual surf spot for the boys when we lived up north
i miss the central coast like nothing else
i pray we get to move back

sunday my mom and step-dad took the kiddos for us and dan and i cruised a little south to el cap
dan and i set up our home away from home
and then met up with my besties kim and her husband jeff and christina and her daughter juliet
we layed on the beach talking and enjoying being with one another while dan and jeff surfed
the weather was gorgeous
it felt like summer

after the gang left 
dan and i built a fire
had some beer, pita chips, hummus, cheese and bread
and of course, smores
we talked around the fire and just enjoyed relaxing and being with one another

sunday morning we woke up and made coffee using our trusty french press
which makes the BEST coffee
we took a nature walk past the creek and down to the beach
it was such a beautiful morning
you'll see why i love the central coast so very much

after our walk, we packed up camp
and headed down to the beach
i got some much needed rest - laying out and reading
while dan surfed
we had to be back by three so we packed up around two and headed back to pick up the kids

the kids were excited to see us as we were them
we hung out for awhile and played outside 
while my mom and bob took tyler to see a movie
we then headed back to santa barbara to say a quick hello to my grandparents on my dads side
and then headed back down south for our two hour trip home

all in all
a most lovely weekend 
thank you so much mom and bob - you two really blessed us!

i highly recommend you go to the central coast if you ever come to california
big sur
san luis obispo
santa barbara
are three of my most favorite places and where i grew up... 
i hope and pray that God brings us back
a socal girl i am not

how many of you have driven the coast of cali?
have you been to the central coast?
have you lived there?

i hope you all have a lovely wednesday my friends
and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog and peruse all of my photos
i appreciate you all dearly



BuenoBueno said...

omg im so jealous! i wish i was there with yall!
and where did you get that super awesome dress? cute outfit!
dan looks super cute! i hope yall had so much fun...did yall get romantical in the tent?
love all the photos and those tress!!!

SugaryCynic said...

Hi! I've been randomly looking at blogs based on people who put the same movies and music "likes" on their profile, we both like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lol. Anyways, just commenting to say a lot of your pictures are really awesome

Anna said...

I am super jealous, I love camping & marshmallows. How amazing to camp so close to the ocean! In Ohio we camp by the creek. Your gray tank dress is fantastic!

Claudette said...

Enjoyed all the pics, Kass. The ones of the waves are frame-worthy! We're glad you had a good time. I'm especially glad you're praying to come back closer to us :). MMG, Mom
PS Thanks for lifting Bob's quartet up. He appreciated it very much.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Aw, Kassi, you're such a beautiful person inside and out, and I'm glad you and Dan got to take a trip. You deserve it!

Your pictures are gorgeous, and now I want to come to Cali EVEN MORE! Don't you love knowing that you don't have to take a shower? Sometimes when Chris and I camp at the beach for the weekend, I don't even worry about bathing. Deoderant and toothpaste is about as much as I do!

xoxo and love times infinity!

~Ash~ said...

Kass-i adore your camping pictures! looks like a great time. we want to tag along one of these trips because we have never camped as a family and you guys know all the rad spots. shoot me an email or call me and tell me all about El-Cap.

I never thought I would say this but I kinda miss the Central Coast-I truly have given my heart to San Diego and it is much better than OC but I miss the wine country!

I love the drive through Big Sur and to Paso Robles-its well, beautiful! Like YOU!

Erin said...

Seriously? Camping? In February? Wow!

Looks like a completely wonderful weekend...

Kassi said...

brandi - you were with us in spirit! we listened to your mixed tape during the drive and totally rocked out! hmmm.. i'm not wearing a dress in any of the photos... so i'm assuming you mean the super long tank with the open back? if so, i got that at free people - the front is much shorter than the back. we had a great time... and yes, of course we got romantical in the tent! ;-)

sugary cynic - i love kiss kiss bang bang and i rarely meet anyone who has even seen it! glad you have and that you love it too! and thanks for the compliments on the photos!

anna - creeks are fun too! you should roast some marshmallows over the stove tonight... we did that last night for the kids so that they could have a smore! thanks about the gray tank - it's actually a shirt - short in the front, longer in the back - and i got it from forever 21 $8!

mom - thanks mom. oooh, i wish you hadn't said that about the waves... dan took those... and i'm always telling him what a bad photog he is...he is so going to gloat now! but yes, he did get those shots really well! yes, praying, begging, hoping, dreaming. every time i drive on the 1 i want to live there... it's my dream! love you mucho mucho grande!

danielle - you are so sweet, thank you! thanks about the pics.... and yes, come to cali!!! i'm telling you, you and chris should totally fly in to san fran for your anni, rent a car and drive south through santa cruz and big sur... you will not regret it! toothpaste was it for me... i totally forgot deodorant - ha! quatrocincoseistrillion!

my ashley - tag along tag along tag along! i would love that. el cap is great. you have to make reservations through spring and summer but it's first come first serve till march. we got lot 27 and it would have been perfect for a family! tons of space, lots of grass and close to the beach. lovely!
crazy right! i don't miss lompoc, but i so miss the central coast... move back there with us and we can buy a huge house with lots of land! ;-)
miss you my friend... lets plan a date pronto!
love you my ash.

Kassi said...

erin - it can be done! we just totally lucked out having such great weather - usually in feb it's freezing at night (when camping) and this time it wasn't too bad!

lexylou said...

Wow! Lovely photo's Kass! I am so jealous of the camping weather you had. It looked beauuuutiful. I need to plan a camping date with the Hub's. So glad you had a wonderful time. I just love Cali, my cousin lives in San Diego, but before that Carlsbad. Hub used to live down in central cali for awhile, being a surf bum and skateboarding all the big parks down there... He loves it there and want's do do the drive down the coast from Vancouver. Sans kiddo's...Just need to find a baby sitter. LOL
xoxo Lexy

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous. We haven't been camping in ages. And French press coffee truly is amazing.

my name is lauren. said...

So fun! I want to go camping. It's too cold to go here.

You look lovely in these photos. And I'm glad you guys got to boot knock in the woods...because afterall...that is the best part of camping with your love ;).

Kassi said...

lexy - oooh i hope you find a sitter! what a lovely vacay that would be! we did a drive up to vancouver when i was 12 and i loved it!

rachel elizabeth - yes, french press coffee is the best - much better than a coffee pot!

lauren - boot knock! you crack me up! i'm telling ya, when you guys come this way you should camp a bit on your way down... so many pretty campgrounds on the california coast! xo. thanks!

monica said...

let me start by saying, i love this post.

it is so nice to see that a mother of 3 and her hubby can still find time to get away from time to time.

i love the pic of your profiles in the fire light...looks super romantic.

glad you had fun. the weather looked perfecto.

Kassi said...

thanks monica! we felt super blessed to be able to go... it is definitely a need when you have kids! :-)

Micaela said...

these photographs are GORGEOUS!!! i love the ones by the fire of you two and the one of your backside? You are GORGEOUS, my friend. stunning.

i'm dreaming of sunshine... i wish the snow would melt here. Thanks for the little getaway ;)

i want a marriage and family like yours.

Kassi said...

micaela - you are the sweetest ever. :-) thanks for all the sweet words! i hope spring comes quickly for you and i'm sure you'll have an amazing marriage and gorgeous little family!

kim said...

Great photos, Kass! What a fun, gorgeous day. A perfect memory. xoxo

Kassi said...

thanks kimberly! a perfect memory because you were there with me! love you!

miss james said...

sooo fun!
now i want to go camping.

you're such a pretty girl. :)

xo. james

Kassi said...

camping is so fun... you should go! i could imagine the pretty photos you would take camping while prego... so pretty.
and thanks for the compliment - i think the same about you - you're gorgeous! :-)

With Love, Jamie said...

I want to go camping!!!