Wednesday, February 3, 2010

cameras, brooches, owls, anchors - oh my!

i took part in katie at skunkboy creatures craft swap that she put on a few weeks ago
i was paired up with the lovely jamie from inspired mess

this is what jamie made me

we decided to do an embroidery swap... i love my little camera she embroidered and the brooch is just so fun!

jamie said she likes owls and anchors
so this is what i embroidered for her

i had a lot of fun making these for jamie and have really enjoyed getting to know her...

she's a great gal and i'm happy to call her a new friend 

you should all check out her blog if you haven't already!

have a lovely wednesday!



Jamie said...

wow! super cute embroidery! i want to be better at that, for some reason i don't get it. i thought i did, i made a brooch thing for my grandma & none of her friends could figure out what stitches i used, they figured it must be something new that they don't know! haha i thought i was doing a basic stitch!

ps...jamie is awesome! i've never met a jamie i didn't like;)

lydia. said...

loving all of those!

Kassi said...

jamie - haha... i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to embroidery... i just do it and i'm lucky that it turns out looking all right! i'm sure if my gran looked at it she would be confused too!

lydia - thanks!

Jamie said...

Awww! Thank you for the sweet words!!! It's been so fun getting to know YOU! You're so awesome! Katie did good when she paired us up! ;) I just love my embroidery goodness you made me!!! Thank you soooo much!!! xo

BrittanButterfly said...

oh, you both are sooo talented! I love the owl, kassi! and the polaroid she embroidered is way cool!!!

Kassi said...

jamie - you are the best... glad you like them. i love mine too!

brittan - thank you!

mara - i'm sure you'll pick it up again in no time! by the way, how was new york?

my name is lauren. said...

Kass! I love the owl and anchor you embroidered and your pola one she did for you is cute too... But I'm seriously in love with the ones you made. I like the little button on the anchor. Did you do it in denim? I love anchors. I have a little anchor necklace and have actually always wanted a little anchor tattoo but Craig vetoed that. Not that he's the boss if me but I suppose he would have to look at it all the time so I should consider his input :).

Hope you're having a good day lovely lady!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Wow, those are such cute embroideries! Speaking of craftiness, when are you opening an etsy shop?

I'm so glad you're doing pay it forward! I really like the deadline on that (since I always seem to be late doing everything).

xoxo zillionbillionbeaucoup

Kassi said...

thanks lauren! i did use a denim looking fabric... but it's not thick like denim.... the owl and anchor were fun to make... and i used vintage buttons for the eyes and on the anchor.
an anchor tattoo would be cute... if you were popeye! ;-) heehee

danisnow - thanks love! etsy... eh, who knows. that means i actually have to start making stuff and keeping it instead of giving it away! my goal is april though... i would like to open it before my birthday.
yes, the deadline for pay it forward is a nice one! speaking of deadlines... when do we have to have our knick knacks shipped off for the exchange?


Cat said...

wow super cute! You girls are great at embroidery! I would love to learn one day, but one craft at a time!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Okay, well I'm marking my calendar for April! I know what you mean about giving stuff away. It's nice that I make money from the Etsy shop, but I'm just as happy to give things to people who like them. It makes me happy, too!

I put in the email to try and have things mailed by the 15th. Knowing me, I'll mail it on the 17th. Oh well, I try!

xo ten thousand infinities

Cole said...

I love all of the embroidery. It makes me want one oh so badly!

Micaela said...

YES, when are you going to open an etsy shop???

these embrodieries are AWESOME! seriously, a fabulous exchange between you two.

Kassi said...

cat - it's so fun and pretty easy peasy!

danielle - yeah... it's so hard not to give stuff away - i feel so bad charging people for something that I made...
how did i miss the knick knack exchange date in your email.. weird! grandemillionbillions

cole - thank you!

micaela - my goal is april for the etsy... but who knows! it makes me nervous! it was a fun exchange... jamie is stellar!

Anna said...

that owl is adorable, & that anchor would sweet in a little girls room :) i love all of these exchanges & happy mail, i love to get inspiration!

Kassi said...

thank you anna!!
and i'm happy it has provided a bit of inspiration for you!

BuenoBueno said...

im super jealous i want a polaroid camera embroidered!
i love the pecil sketch photo.
and im glad you embroidered me something bc i love it!!!
tuesday i chat! also reminded me i need to blog about the package you sent me still:)

Kassi said...

brandi -
pretty sure that jamie sells those embroidered polaroid camera's in her etsy shop!
i'm so glad you love your embroidery!
tuesday ichat is on! what time?
i love your new profile pic for blogger... so fun!
xo to the o!