Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two Things i Love... Around my Home

good morning friends

time for two things i love.. around my home

thanks to all who played along last week - we had 15 link ups... let's try to get to 20!
(the mcklinky will be up until thursday)

as most of you know, i like to pick two things in my house that i am lovin or re-appreciating
and show them to you

i invite you to do the same!

if you would like to play along 
all you have to do is write a post with the two things you are lovin right  now, 
link back to me
then come back here to link up to the mcklinnky so that others can see that you participated 
and they can enjoy your two things too!

here are my two things for today

i love this desk. i got it at an antique store for $40 a few years ago.
it has been in my bathroom serving as the 'vanity' but i've been missing it, so in my rearranging yesterday i brought it back out... so glad i did!

i think i've mentioned on my blog before that most of our furniture has been given to us by my dad and step-mom... our house wouldn't be furnished without them! on sunday we took an impromptu trip up north to santa barbara to pick this lovely chair up from my dad and step-mom's house. 
it's comfy, yellow/gold (which i love) and looks pretty in our house. 
thanks dad and barbara!

thanks dad! 

i'm looking forward to seeing your two things!



danielle and dinosaur toes said...

As always, I love everything! That chair really does look comfy, and I like the wooden legs on it. My favorite things are the pillow and throw you have in the chair. SO CUTE!

xo doubleinfinity

my name is lauren. said...

i like your new chair...and your desk. i love the way you decorated above the desk. your little collection is so lovely.

i pretty much always love your two things. your house is so pretty ♥.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.


{eleise} said...

ooo I love both of those too! I really love your desk! I wish I had a spot like that for myself!

ChloƩ said...

Kassi! you have the coolest house in the world. seriously, i love all of your stuff! that desk is so awesome. love it!!

Jamie said...

Awww, I see my embroidery up there!!! =)

samboy said...

ok, love love LOVE the kitty cushion on that chair! so pretty! x

Kassi said...

thanks all!
the kitty cushion was made by my granny... i love it too... and the throw is one of my faves from anthro (of course).
thanks to all for the compliments... and yes, jamie, that is your embroidery above my desk - yay!


Maura said...

I Adore that desk!!! Awesomeness!!

I always write my Tuesday post before I leave for school in the am and since I'm on the east coast your post is not usually up yet. But I added my link now:)

Kassi said...

maura, i'm glad you linked up... i would hate for peeps to miss out on seeing your two things! i almost didn't see that you did it because you got buried in my google reader - glad i checked though! :-)

as always, thanks for linking up and playing along... and you rock for always being on top of it!

BuenoBueno said...

i love ur home i want to sit in tht char and hang out and drink coffee and be in pjs and laugh and talk for hours!!!
you did a great job friend!

Kassi said...

come on over brandi!!!
if you guys come in march/april (whenever you're coming) i hope you stop by... and you always have a place to stay with us... :-)

anna said...

I'm singing ... I love my Kassi right now! I am terrible at taking and posting pics (too much of a hassle on this end) BUT I love my cute pillow with a peacock on it and my tuffed, off-white duvet from West Elm. Funny thing: my sister and brother have the same duvet, and we never even spoke to each other about it!

BTW: Love the owls!

Kassi said...

:-) anna, you need to come and visit.... seriously!
your peacock pillow sounds so pretty (i love peacocks)! and your duvet... how funny that your sister and brother have the some one!
thanks about the owls. the hanging ones i embroidered and the three on my desk i made out of yarn balls for each of the kiddos!

Jamie said...

your house is SO CUTE & it has so much light!! i miss light in my little apartment.

i should have remembered to do this when i still had a little bit of light.


Kassi said...

thanks jamie! you can still do it tomorrow or thursday if you want (at least the link will be up until thursday!) i would love to see your space and the two things you are loving!
our house does have a lot of light... we have sliding doors and a huge window on opposite sides of one another...

Steve and Barbara said...

Thanks for the picture Kass. You sure have a handsome father!!!!

Kassi said...

:-) i do have a handsome father indeed! love you dad!

Decor I Adore.... said...

Love that desk!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)

Kassi said...

thank you!

and you are welcome! :-)