Friday, February 26, 2010

a little of this a little of that

yesterday i cut tyler's hair
i usually just give him a trim and layer it up a bit at the bottom
but we decided to do something a little different


such a good looking kid!

and all his hair... he was a little sad... 

while i was cutting ty's hair
(which took me around an hour... i had never used clippers before)
the girls, without ty and i knowing, were hiding out in ty's room
and walked into the bathroom looking like this

all decked out in tyler's clothes
pretty funny
i love how tannyn is trying to look 'hard' and tayli is copying her but ended up with pouty lips instead haha

it's friday and i usually play along with lauren's blog hop, fill in the blank friday, at the little things we do
but i thought it would make this post too long... so maybe... maybe... i'll do it later
go to her blog and check it out though... it's fun!

today i will be cleaning up the house 
and getting this project done

we're throwing my step-dad, bob, his 60th birthday party here at our house tomorrow
my mom and bob are coming (obviously)
my brother, sister-in-law and their three kids
and my step-sister and her husband
(we'll miss you keely, mike and kiddos!)
we'll be having a lot of food, three cakes and playing some games
should be fun!

sunday we'll probably continue looking for houses to rent
i'm praying we find a really cute house
at least cuter than this one
and preferably with no carpet... since i absolutely loathe carpet
i'm so excited to decorate a new space!

what are your plans for the weekend?



...Judith said...

~HiHi! They are soo funny in Tyler's clothes!~

X.Judith ^Hartje-Bloem^

With Love, Jamie said...

Oh my goodness, cuuute kids!!!

BuenoBueno said...

you have a wonderful family! Your kids are too cute. Have fun at the party.

p.s. Good job with the short haircut! That could have really been a disaster.


my name is lauren. said...

oooh! your project looks so cute. hope you guys have a fun party, and good luck finding a cute house, sans carpet. i accidentally just typed "crapet" and almost left it just because it's so true. haha!

i love those photos of tann & tay. so funny. and tyler looks so different! so much hair gone! tell, him i said he rocks the short hair look though :).

hope you have a good day friend, and a super fun weekend!

love you a bunch and then some.

xo. thanks.
xo. thanks.

Kassi said...

judith - those girls are a riot i tell ya!

jamie - thank you!!

kelly - thanks pretty lady :-) and yes, oh my gosh, i could have totally ruined his hair - i was so nervous! i tried doing a fun/funky cut but then i took too much off of the back... bummer. he's so cute though that he can pull off any look... ;-)

lauren - sorry to hear your sick love! praying for you today. crapet... i totally agree. dan found a house that he loves that has a jacuzzi and it's near our church but it has carpet in the living room - ick! we'll see... i may not get what i want :-(
i will tell tyler... i'm sure he'll blush!
hope you feel better for the weekend!
xo. thanks. loveya.

~Ash~ said...

Ahh Ty just melts my heart-wait till I show Mace! The girls are so funny and lil Tay is getting big! I miss you guys. Were any of those websites any help?

Kassi said...

ash - i miss you too! where are you guys looking to move to? those websites were helpful! thank you my friend.
still waiting for that sushi and drinks date!

chelseybell. said...

those pictures are so adorable!

i hope you find a cute house!

Kassi said...

aw, thanks chelsey! me too!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Tyler's new haircut is so GQ! It's hard to believe how much different a haircut made him look!

Tannyn and Tayli are so cute in his clothes! Tayli looks like a little midget since the clothes and shoes are so big, and Tannyn looks straight up gangsta! How cute. I'm glad you got pictures of them!

I hope you have a good weekend, and I wish you luck house hunting!

xo zilliontrillionbeaucoup

LiLi said...

I cut my kids' hair too.

You did great and you have beautiful kids.

Kassi said...

thanks so much mara! i hope you enjoy it too... we're suppose to get lots of rain!

his hair is a bit GQ huh? haha he's such a stud! those girls crack me up... tannyn even had on ty's underwear! hahaha
i hope you have a fab weekend too, danielle, and thanks for the well wishes with house hunting!

lili - it's so much easier, huh? i hate paying people! thanks for the compliments! :-)

lydia. said...

good luck on the house hunt!
when josh and i start looking for a place i really want hardwood floors, too.

have fun with the party!

annnd, tyler's hair looks great.
such cute kids.


BuenoBueno said...

hey you did a good job!im impressed!
and good job with the cute kids too!
oh and about the unfollowwers i just looked and it happened to me too.
oh well their loss!
xo love you have a great sunday!

Kassi said...

thanks lydia! hardwood floors (or pergo) are the only way to go in my opinion!

brandi - thank you! i was so nervous since it was my first time using clippers... and it didn't turn out how i was envisioning in my head but that's okay... he likes it now. weird about the unfollowers. oh well.
love ya friend!
ps. i'm excited about your work out blog with jacob! yay!

Andrea said...

Wow, that's a lot of hair, but boy he sure looks great with it cut! You've got some cute kids on your hands there!