Sunday, November 29, 2009

garland, brooches and christmas decor

we had such a lovely, relaxing long weekend... i wish every weekend could be long :-)

i made a few things this weekend...

like these lovely finger garlands

tutorial found here

and these brooches... i wanted to spice up my outfit for my brothers b-day party so i made the smaller one super quick right before we had to leave and then i decided to make one for thanksgiving as well... but i didn't have time... so i made it in the car on our way to LA - easy peasy and cute!

i'll have to get some pics of them on a sweater

we decorated for Christmas yesterday. i feel like i'm living in a Christmas shop... it's a little much for our small house but the hus insisted that we use EVERYTHING and i have a lot... i'm just not crazy about all that i have anymore. i wanted to only put up my vintage decorations (my granny has given me some really pretty things!), my favorites and our homemade decorations... oh well, maybe i'll get my way next year. how many of you have decorated already? do you do a real tree or fake? what is your Christmas decorating style?

 oh, did i mention we have two trees this year... we usually put up our fake tree but the fam insisted (they do that a lot) that we get a real one... i wasn't too keen on the idea but i'm good with it now. i do like having two trees in my house!



my name is lauren. said...

love the brooches! so pretty.

i haven't decorated for christmas yet....maybe i will slowly over the course of the week.

we go get our tree from mt.'s only $5! you just have to go get a tag from one of the forest service posts to tie on your tree. it's a fun little outing. hopefully we'll go next weekend.

glad yours is all set up and looking good :).

Kassi said...

thanks lauren!

only $5 for a tree (and a fun experience)... gosh, i dream of living in oregon. have fun next weekend!!

MannMom3 said...

I was gonna make the garland..had the yarn, put it back and bought ribbon instead..we'll see how it looks..anyway, the garland is cute you..and I like the brooches..

Kassi said...

oh fun! they are so addicting to make! i'm making an advent calendar and hanging it from the finger garland... we'll see how it turns out. glad you liked it and that it inspired you to make one! maybe you'll get a brooch for christmas...;-) love you sista.

BuenoBueno said...

what a beautiful couple!
we have two trees usually. One for the living room and one for our room. It just makes everything magical:)
oh and your broaches are pretty! love the fabrics you picked. mine are lous colors and they go on my clutches.

BuenoBueno said...

whats your address?

Jamie said...

i can't wait to make a finger knitted garland! is it easy??

Kassi said...

thanks brandi!
two trees does it make it that much more magical that's fur sure! you make brooches too? are they in your shop? i'll have to take a looksie again.
i'll email you my address...

Kassi said...

hi jamie! it's so easy... and so addicting...and so fun. check out the tutorial and try it!
and thanks for commenting!

Aalina Eden said...

you are really nice worker i love all your collection

Vintage Brooches

Kassi said...

thank you very much aalina!! and thanks for taking the time to comment!