Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday

in lieu of black friday i thought i would do a little online window shopping.... since i'm doing the challenge of an utmost kind, i wont be buying any of these things... but lets hope the husband is reading this post anyway.... ;-) i am in dire need of a coat - i have not had one since 2000... how sad is that! i am hoping the hus... or dad... can find one from a vintage store and i also need new boots... which are hard to find at a thrift/vintage store, so i'm really hoping i get a pair as a gift... 

these first four are etsy finds...

Wool collar black woolen blend coat Christmas Promotion price Limited time
i like the idea of this coat... found here

the Reigns eco-friendly raincoat
not the best picture, but i love this raincoat... found here

Shakespeares Sister
this shakespeares sister coat is so pretty

Sally Coat
i also love this sally coat

on sale at anthro...ahhhh

this coat is an anthro sale as well... love it

another sale find at anthro... love it too

and the only other thing i need... boots.... found here

i've never actually shopped on a black friday... how many of you are doing it?

happy friday friends!



MannMom3 said...

Goin' to Anthro baby!

Kassi said...

jealous! feel free to buy me any of those three things i posted... they are all on sale! i'm a xs or s! :-)

my name is lauren. said...

what is this "challenge of the upmost kind"? my curiosity is peaked. i love those f21 boots. they look just like the steve madden one's they have for $100 @ nordstrom.

i did some black friday shopping this morning, but only at fred meyer for socks. i don't think they have these in california, but they're sorta similar to wal-mart (except with morals) i.e. groceries and other stuff... clothes, beauty, home decor....... anyway, i always go with my mom every year because all the socks are half off. we just buy our socks for the whole year then. we stopped by old navy and target too but the lines were way too ridiculous....3+ hours!

Kassi said...

lauren, go to my sidebar and click on the link for "the challenge of the utmost kind" and you'll get all the deets!

i can't believe there was a 3+ hour wait for target and old navy - i am SO glad i don't shop on black friday!

Tyler said...

I loved shopping today..super fun! I say go with the Shakesphere coat.. soo pretty

BuenoBueno said...

ive been wanting the sally coat!

Kassi said...

tyler, i don't think i'll be getting the shakespeare coat... the hus is a cheap one :-( so sad. glad you had fun shopping yesterday!

brandi, so funny that you like the sally coat too... i've been eyeing it and the shakespeare coat on etsy for some time now!