Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hot and healthy tuesdays

wow, that was a quick week... time flew around here and i didn't get my cardio in like i wanted. :-( i did get  four hours of working out in though. i even got up at 6:20am this morning to workout and am going to try to do that every day... an hour in the morning of my tracy anderson mat workout and then an hour at night of my cardio on the rebounder. that's what i used to do and have been lagging the last couple of months. i'm excited to get back into it!

like i said last week, i'm not a "snacker" but i do have a major sweet tooth and didn't do very well in that area. saturday i had a donut for b-fast and four cookies (they were small) for dessert saturday night. we had friends over last night and they brought a pie... so of course i ate a slice - i didn't want to be rude! ;-)

my sister, keely, who is heading up this challenge along with her friend, mama m, asked us a few questions:

1. we bumped up the cardio last week. did you meet it? exceed it? coulda done better?
i exceeded it and did 240min but i def could have done better. i only worked out for one hour on tuesday of last week. then skipped a ton of days and did two hours yesterday and then did my one hour this morning.... my goal for myself is two hours a day 5 days/week.

2. how about the eating? snacking less or snacking "smart"?
 no snacking. but eating way too many sweets.... read above.

3. how's the water consumption going? 
i drink a lot of water. it is my favorite beverage (besides coffee) and i drink way more than recommended daily. yay me!

4. have you been trying the recommended pilates exercises?
ummmm, no. sorry keel. i like my tracy anderson dvd... but i do a TON of ab work with it.

keely also asked what our problem areas are...
ummmm, all of me..? i've had three kids, and all of you moms out there know what that can do to a body... luckily my tracy anderson mat workout works every part of my body and i love it.

be sure to check out keely or mama m's blog to link up if you want to partake in the hot and healthy thru the holidays challenge!

also, i love hearing how you ladies are doing so feel free to leave me a comment!

i'll be back later with Two Things I Love... Around my Home later today so be sure to check back!



MannMom3 said...

You're showin' off with the working out for 2 hours..:-) I like me some sweets too!

Anywhoooooo...Favorite things blog hop tomorrow!!

Tyler said...

You rock girl!! Keep it up.. no wonder you are itty bitty! :) I will post about mine later on

chris and annie said...

Kass!! I love your posts!!

gwurttemberg said...

Oh I completely understand about the body after kids! That's my problem too!!!!

Mama M. said...

Kassi...you are my hero...but don't tell Keely, 'cuz I told her she was!! Way to go! I am totally impressed!

Helga said...

Wow 2 hours a day!!! I wish I could be that motivated. I am trying to do my 1 hour a day and that is hard enough. Great job this week :o)