Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Things i Love... Around my Home

my two things i am lovin on this tuesday...

dan bought me this antique chandelier for my 28th b-day from my favorite antique store in Carpinteria, Ca. it's italian pottery... not sure when it's from but i LOVE it. i have yet to put candles in it, but it is soooo pretty when it is lit by candlelight.

i have always loved this little piece. i know it is an antique but i'm not sure from when. it was given to me 12 years ago by an exes father.... i've put anthro knobs on it to add to it's character. it had none when given to me.

i would love to know two things you are lovin around your home today and if you have a blog or a flickr account please share a link to it in the comment section below... i would love to see what you are lovin!

have a lovely tuesday...



MannMom3 said...

I don't love anything today..You should put candles in the chandy..

Claudette said...

I am enjoying my newly arranged granny room and my very clean windows! Love, mom