Monday, November 2, 2009

feeling inspired

this weekend my mom gave me a TON of fabric that she had saved from costumes she had made us kids and projects she had worked on back in the 70's and 80's... i'm very excited to use these and am feeling inspired to start making those 12 sunglass cases... first i had to get my work space cleaned up and organized. my granny gave me an old suitcase that i'm using to hold some of my fabrics, which is wonderful because my work space is a dinky little "nook" off of my dining room....

some of the fabric

my beautiful suitcase

takes up a little space... but not too much

my work space "nook"

and some more fabric scraps

here a couple of creations i did a few weeks ago...

a guitar i sketched & stitched for dan (yes, i know the neck is too short)

and an owl i sketched (i got the design from The McCall's Book of Handcrafts)

these two lovelies are hanging above my couch with some lovely old fabrics hung by embroidery hoops, an old painting i picked up from a garage sale and an old mirror....

okay, i'm starving... time to eat this!

brown rice, pesto and sauteed artichoke hearts.... yum!



Claudette said...

Glad you're putting the fabrics to use right away...and that you have reason to do so! Pretty soon you'll be in business. I think the suitcase is perfect because... you're going places, my dear! Love, Mom

marina said...

love the fabric and the stitch work wall art. i GOTTA have one for my apartment! these walls are depressingly bare.