Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Creative Space

i've decided to play along with kootoyoo's creative space thursday - it's so inspiring to see other people's creative spaces... so every thursday i will be posting what is happening in my creative space. if you want to see more creative spaces, be sure to check out kootoyoo's blog.

today i'm getting my stuff ready to ship to my giveaway winner,  tyler (sorry it's taking me so long!) and my birthday present to my niece emme - hopefully it gets there in time! i've also got my little project that i'm embroidering for myself...



Jenny at Dos /Sammyrose said...

Oh my Gosh! punky brewster!!! I had forgotten about that show, but it came right back to me know when you reminded me. And the rime.. "I must I must increase my bust" I remember that to! and I remember not knowing what it meant. hahha. I love TV

Kassi said...

haha... that show was the greatest. i remember trying to increase my bust by doing that arm squeeze thing... and i was probably only 7 or 8 haha. i'm glad you remembered it too and thanks for stopping my blog!