Monday, November 16, 2009

monday mourning

dan took out a load of clothes from the dryer this morning and i noticed that one of my favorite anthro cardigans, that is dry clean only, was on top of the load... it was a beautiful burnt orange, rusty colored cardi that i bought back in august. it was long and covered my bum so that i could wear it with leggings... and now it is waist length and faded. dan washed and dried it even though it was in the 'delicates' pile. oh my anger! oh my sorrow! i actually cried. sad sad day.

the weekend was good though.
i took tannyn antiquing on saturday and found a few pretties...

fawn, old ad, puzzles and pretty doily

fawn books ends from the 40's or 50's... so cute and perfect for the holiday decor

old ad from 1932...i just love the print (the frame is not an antique)

super cute puzzles (i bought them for the girls, but i'm keeping the pretty boxes) and the pretty doily

we also had some lovely company come over for dinner saturday night - my sister-in-law, shawna, her husband, john and their two kids eva and max. we enjoyed chili and cornbread and great company. love them!

shawna, max, tannyn and dan

precious little max

tayli and max

tyler, eva, tannyn and john

i may be mourning my cardigan, but at least i have some new pretties to enjoy. this monday of mourning can and will be turned around to be a good morning... i can feel it.

what did you guys do this weekend?



MannMom3 said...

I washed one of my fav shirts the other day and it totally shrunk..bummer dude!

chris and annie said...

Let's see...I watched alot of movies and hung around the house all weekend. It is so cold here! I get really bummed when I shrink things too. The menfolk think they are helping, and they're all proud until something like that happens and we cry and cuss at them...heehee...I hope you get a pretty new sweater in place of that one:) Love you Kass!!