Thursday, November 5, 2009


what i'm lovin today... some dresses by heidi merrick

Isola -

Claudette -

Godard Red -

Godard  -

Dane African Paisley -

these dresses are lovely and i want the black one or striped one with long sleeves so bad. 
but the husband won't let me spend that kind of money right now...
i actually went to Israel with heidi back in 2000 and used to work with her brother, britt merrick, at calvary chapel santa barbara... he also married my husband and i along with gerald torres (they are pastors)...such great guys. too bad it's been a couple of years since last seeing her...maybe i would have been able to get a discount on the dresses ;-)
check out heidi's store and her blog when you get a chance.

i'm also lovin the new anthro catalog... bigger and better!

these cute little guys are so sweet

and i love this pretty blouse

enjoy your thrusday!


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MannMom3 said...

Cute! Dude she should hook you up for that! Maybe I'll post a link to her too and then she could hook me up! I like the red dress..