Friday, November 6, 2009

your help please

okay, so three things i need your help with:

first, i'll be picking the giveaway winner tomorrow night at midnight... and i was hoping to get your opinions on how to choose the winner. should i draw names or use to draw for me? let me know

second, i'm trying to come up with a pretty font for the tags i'll be putting on my sunglass cases.... here is a picture of some i came up with... let me know which one you like the best

third, here is a picture of the sunglass case i finished yesterday. what do you guys think? should i send this along with the other 12 for my aunt or forget about it? do any of you guys like it? would you pay your hard earned cash to own it or give it as a gift?

your help is greatly appreciated. don't be shy... let me know the truth. you wont hurt my feelings :-)

happy friday folks!



MannMom3 said...

2. I like the 4th or 5th for the tag
3. I think the case is super cute..I'd pay for it, but I'd probably only pay 10-12 bucks for it..just be honest yo!

Tyler said...

Dont know anything about picking numbers for a giveaway..because I havent had one yet... but alot of people use

Love the sunglasses case...I think its precious. Like Keely said I prob wouldnt spend a fortune on it (well because I dont usually do that unless its baby clothes)

and I am digging the font on the second page 5th one down!

Hope that helps.. have a great weekend

Claudette said...

I like the case. If you number your font examples, it would be easier for us to identify the ones we like so you'll know what they are. There are a couple of them I really like. You're doing well, daugher. Mom is proud!

Kassi said...

that helps a lot ladies - thank you so very much! and you're right, mom, i should have numbered them... oh well. counting is good for you. ;-) in regards to the case, i agree, i myself would only spend $12-$15 on one if i saw it in the store... but then again if i saw a case similar for $28 at anthro i would probably buy it... shoot, i have done that. but i'm no anthro that's fo shiz!
thanks again ladies!!!

marina said...

1. i guess random.
2. in the second picture, the third font. and then add a little tiny "by kassi" underneath.
3. wicked awesome cute.