Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hot and healthy tuesdays

time just seams to be flying by. i can't believe it's already tuesday and almost thanksgiving... which means christmas is a month away... oh my.

i did okay with the working out this week. i clocked 360min of cardio... i had planned on doing more... obviously i didn't work out every day for two hours a day like i had hoped. i was just too darn busy. 

as you probably know, my sister keely and her friend mama m are the ones who came up with this challenge... here a few questions they asked us this week.

have you gotten into a good work out routine that you're able to stick to?
eh, sorta. i always do an hour at night after i put the girls to bed... but i had been trying to get up super early to get an hour in then as well... yeah, that only happened twice last week. i am just NOT a morning person

did you try the pilates exercises... please say you did... please!?!
sorry, no. i'm horrid at this challenge, i know.

did you get all your cardio in?
yep and plus some! 

did you have any fast food... if so, did mama m's awesome healthy tips post make you choose more carefully?
one thing about me... i don't eat red meat and i NEVER go to fast food restaurants... nope, not even taco bell. so to answer the question... no, i did not eat fast food. i did have a snickers last night though... dude, sweets are my downfall.

last but sooo not least... are you feeling hot and healthy?
sadly, no. i've actually gained two pounds since starting this challenge and i'm pretty bummed about that. i know that the goal of doing the challenge wasn't about weight but to just overcome all the temptations around us during the holidays and be sure to get our weekly work outs in... but it is pretty depressing when you step on the scale and it is two pounds higher than it was... i'm sure it's muscle, but still...

how did you girls do? i would love love to know!  feel free to leave a comment and if you want to link up then go to keely or mama m's page to do so.

have a lovely tuesday... i will be back later with Two Things i Love... Around my Home



MannMom3 said...

I don't know how much cardio I clocked..hmmm...Anywho..thanks for linking up yo!!

I think I need a cell phone case made..:-)

MannMom3 said...

By the way..most fast food places have chicken..dontcha know!

Kassi said...

phone case for christmas yo!

i am aware of that. i just don't like fast food restaurants, they gross me out. i rather have a bowl of organic soup or a healthy veggie sandwich from a sandwich shop instead... or a grilled fish taco from a hole in the wall mexican restaurant...now that's what i'm talking about!

MannMom3 said...

I like the old Kassi better..

Tyler said...

Girl you totally rock in the cardio dept.!! Also rocks that you dont eat fast food... you are much healthier than I ever thought of being. My motivation ;)

Keep it up and I am sure the 2lbs were muscle there is no way it is fat with all that cardio!

Kassi said...

thanks for the encouragement, tyler... i feel so unhealthy... i've been having dessert after almost every meal or some times in place of a meal... which is soooo not healthy. i wasn't like this a couple of months ago... ahhhhh.

and keely, what do you mean you like the old kassi better? the chubby kassi?

MannMom3 said...

Yeah..I like chubbs! :-)

Emily Craft said...

way to go on your cardio! Yum! a snickers!!!

Jamie H said...

I can agree with gaining muscle weight! I had lost some weight due to diet changes and then gained a portion of it back when I started working out! I'm over-all smaller though so I'm sure it's muscle weight!

Kassi said...

jamie, thanks for that... i've been feeling really down these past couple of weeks... i was OBSESSED with working out for so long and i've totally lost my mojo... i had forgotten that before when i first started working out again i had gained weight too... which was muscle. i am just so mad at myself for taking a two month hiatus... it really does screw with your body when you stop for too long. ugh.

good for you for being smaller! it really is about how many inches you've lost, not pounds...

Helga said...

You are doing great!!! Don't feel bad, I am not loosing any weight either. I wish muscle didn't weigh more than fat. I just want to be able to tell someone....yeah I lost 5 lbs or even I weigh 120 lbs (dreaming big time there :o). Keep up the good work!!!

Kassi said...

thanks helga! i have to remind myself that it doesn't help eating starbursts or a snickers bar instead of dinner... haha

Mama M. said...

Ugh...you make me feel like a lump. Man, girl...you kicked some cardio butt!! Way to go, dude! Sorry I'm just getting around now to give you encouragement...but heck, you don't need it!