Thursday, November 19, 2009

my new pretties

last week, amy, over at nellie loves vintage had a "pretty girl" giveaway... and i won! i was so freakin excited and not just because i actually won something for the first time in my life... but that i won something i actually really really liked!

after a pretty blah morning and afternoon... i came home from picking up tannyn from school and saw the mailman walking to my door with a package. a package for me. a package from miss amy. my pretties! i unlocked the front door, shoved the girls inside and tore open my package... i was just way too excited. it was like Christmas for me. seriously. anyway, after tearing open the box i find a nice little note from miss amy, my vintage pretty girl cards (which i am going to frame and display) wrapped up beautifully with some pretty (i'm assuming) vintage fabric with a little vintage picture of a pretty vintage lady... and underneath all that loveliness was my pretty vintage ballerina girl. awwww.... i loved her right away. i had planned on putting the pretty ballerina girl in tannyn and tayli's room but kinda love her so much i want to put her in my living room, above my couch with my other pretties i have hung... we'll see what dan thinks of that... as if his opinion matters though... ;-)

thank you, amy. you absolutely turned my blah day into a fab one!


ps. if you love vintage pretties as much as i do, make sure you check out amy's etsy store and you should really read her blog... she is one cool lady (and a pretty modern vintage girl herself)... with great ideas and beautiful taste.

pps. how many times can one gal say the word "vintage"... jeezo, i said it alot!


Christina Rodrigues said...

super cute :)

BuenoBueno said...

i never win things:(
Im so happy that you did! excited for you!

Kassi said...

i know, right! thanks christina

thanks for the excitement brandi! and i have never won anything either... i was shocked when i won this giveaway.maybe when i do another giveaway you'll win. ;-)