Thursday, November 12, 2009

fort fun and a little project

i had two little girls in my bed last night... the hus and i never get good sleep when that happens... so i'm a little tired this morning.... therefore, this post will be mostly pictures.

the kids and i built a fort yesterday in the girls room
(sorry about the pics being so grainy, they turned out dark so i had to enhance them... which caused them to look grainy. i need to work on my photo editing skills that's for sure... or maybe just get a stellar camera for Christmas!)

we had a blast building it, and reading in it. we have more to add to it - christmas lights and pretties - and are going to keep it up for awhile. the girls love their new reading corner!

i have been totally uninspired lately and not feeling very creative, so i decided to make myself a little something to get me in the mood to create. i just sketched a design and started embroidering with pretty colors... not near finished... but here is a little peak.

it's almost friday friends... enjoy your thursday!



MannMom3 said...

Cute fort yo! Just to let you know..It's Mama M. Not mamam..:-)

Tyler said...

Love the fort! Take pics when you get the xmas lights and stuff up :)

I love all your art stuff.. I wish I had some type of crafty side to me... its just not there though! Have a good evening girl