Wednesday, November 18, 2009

favorite things

oooh... favorite things. we all have them. some have more than others. i have a lot of favorites... favorite food, favorite stores, favorite things and even favorite people. it's hard for me to pick ONE i love the most, because i don't love one more than the other. i guess that's why i have so many...

my beautiful sister, keely, has posted her favorite things on her blog and has asked us to do the same. since we're sisters, we have a few of the same favorites... so you may see some of the same things here as on her blog.

here are a few of my favorite things

a few of my fave's (in no order of importance, of course)

1. latte bowels from anthropologie (we use these for everything)

2. pumpkin spice flax and roasted almond crunch kashi bars (i eat these for b-fast, lunch and dinner some days, they are THAT good)

3. country living mag (the only mag i have found inspiration from since losing domino and now cookie...RIP... if you know of a great decorating mag, please let me know!!)

4. american apparel ruched front tube bra (i live in these!!)

5. stilla illuminating tinted moisturizer with spf 15 (better than any foundation)

6. tarte cheek stain (best blush for on the go women... i also use it as a lip stain)

7. kiehl's creme de corpes nourishing cream (try it, you'll like it... promise)

8. kiehl's lip balm #1 in either tub or tube (my dad has been putting these in my sister and i's stocking for at least ten years now... it's the best... EVER!)

i have many, many more.... but we'll save them for another post another day.

what are a few of your favorite things? check out keely's blog to play along and enter her giveaway!

happy hump day friends.



spicklebee said...

Oh look! I'm first to comment!
I also love the anthro latte bowls. They are literally unbreakable. I've had mine since I worked there, sigh, however many years ago that was. 7 or 8?!
Kass - you should check out Lonny Mag for some inspiration. They are completely digital but it reads like a magazine with clickable links. Genious!
More favorite things -
1. Yogi Tea's Green Tea Super Antioxidant. I drink it everyday, sometimes all day.
2. And Rosebud all purpose salve. Another anthro staple!
3. Goop E-newsletter. If you don't know what it is, check it out!
4. The Sartorialist and Garance Dore - two absolutely gorgeous blogs about fashion on the street.
So I guess those don't count as "things" per se, but I still love 'em!
5. My vintage burgundy winter coat which I just dug out of the closet. Got it thrifting in Tahoe so many years ago I can't even remember when or where, but I love it and its loves me!!
Thanks for posting Kass!

Mama M. said...

I've been trying to find some good lip balm...think I'll have to try Kiehl's!

Kassi said...

chelsea.... we are soul sisters... why did we never know this? i do read lonny... i just wish i could actually have it in my hands, i'm on the computer too much as it is! i also get the Goop e-newsletter... that's how i found out about tracy anderson.... which led me to lose 20 lbs... best thing ever! i'm checkin out those sites right away... yay. i love fashion/decorating/crafting blogs!

mama m - you will love kiehl's i promise. it is soooo good. everything by kiehls is terrific! if you get it, let me know what you think!!

MannMom3 said...

Yo! Dad hasn't put Kiehls in my stocking for years..I rely on Mike now..He got me the Holiday set last year and it's still going strong..

Kassi said...

dude, dad is lagging... how sad. i don't think i got any last year, but that was because i still had some from the year before... i wonder if kiehl's lip balm is like other makeup and you need to get rid of it after however many months? um, because my tub of kiehls still has a TON in it.... and i think dad got that for me at least five years ago. at least. i guess that is kinda gross. maybe i should ask for a new one!

MannMom3 said...

That's really gross! How many times has your dirty finger been in there? Yuck! You know they only cost like 6 bucks.

Kassi said...

hahaha. i know, but why throw it away when it still works and i have so much left? you know how long they last.... forever. i hate wasting. but i think i will retire it this year and ask for a new tub from daddy-o this christmas...

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

I love your sister's blog, so I had to come over and check yours out... I love it too! And you are just as beautiful as your sister :)

I love so many of the same products-- especially the Stila moisturizer and *anything* Kiehl's!


Kassi said...

thanks for checking out my blog elizabeth and thanks for the compliment too! :-)

kiehl's is amazing and so is the stilla tinted moisturizer... glad you like them too.

i just read your post on things your husband does that are annoying... too funny. i could go on and on about mine... but wont', i think he may peruse my blog every once and awhile ;-)

Floss said...

Ohh, CL American version! One of my favourite things is definitely the British Country Living - I get it posted to me from my homeland, just to keep in touch. I've recently borrowed a few US mags from an American friend here in France - I wonder if she ever gets Country Living? That would be very interesting...

Other favourite things:
Vintage sewing stuff - anything from the 17th century (I'd be lucky...) to the 1970s.

Neutrogena hand cream (I would probably fall into little pieces without it).

Thanks for your fun list.

Patti said...

Cookie magazine is going away??!! I have a subscription...will I get my money back?? Sorry, a little off topic. :)
You are lucky to be able to wear a tube bra. This is not optional for me. :) Ha!

Kassi said...

floss, i too love anything vintage... and anything to do with sewing!
i think i'll have to try that hand cream! thanks for that!

patti, yes, cookie is done. i'm so so so sad... they haven't posted anything about it on their website that i've seen but it was announced a few weeks ago by conde naste that they were done. i suggest you email them to get your money back or they might offer you a new subscription for another magazine published by conde naste. i have to do the same, actually. i even just renewed a subscription for my sister. i better get my money back!

and i really shouldn't be wearing tube bras... ask anyone. these saggy ladies are not pretty. i just don't give a darn! ;-)

spicklebee said...

one last "favorites" website - the selby. Awesome photos of interiors, of all kinds! So much fun to be a voyeur into some of the subjects lives!

chris and annie said...

Kass~ Your pops puts Kiehl's in your STOCKING???? What a freakin cool dad. I LOVE Kiehl's....I just got the lip balm in the tub, and some light tinted moisturizer on my doorstep today...(Saks delivers to my door since we don't have one here in the "boondocks" tee hee....
Anyhoots, I love you, and think it's cute that we share an interest in the same beauty're right, they are a must have, especially for the Winters here in frio Bend, OR.