Monday, November 23, 2009

totally crustaceous

here are a few pictures from the volcom totally crustaceous tour

tyler paddling out in his first heat (he came in second)

he didn't advance after his second heat... but that's okay, he did great and i'm so so proud of him!

dan got first in his first heat and made it to the quarter finals... but didn't advance

i think he was a bit bummed... i've definitely seen him surf a lot better

it was a cold cold day at the beach in HB but tannyn insisted on wearing her bikini... crazy girl! at least tayli stayed bundled up!

overall, it was a good day. i was so proud of tyler. this was only his second contest and his main goal was to advance out of his first heat... which he did... and in second place no less!

the rest of our weekend was great. i got a surprise visit from my bestie, christina, and her gorgeous 18mo old daughter, juliete, last night. they were on their way home to santa barbara from san diego and stopped and stayed the night with us. it's always good to see christina and catch up on life. we talked a lot about crafting and sewing and our goals and dreams. so good to see her.

the kids are off all week... which is good and bad for me. i love having them home but i have SO much to do and have two days to do it.... plus i have to entertain three kids all day instead of just one. i have to finish up the sunglass cases that my aunt bought (i slacked and only got one made this weekend), make my cute as a button nephew, Navid, his b-day present, buy some materials for an order i just got for a pillow and make some pin cushions for another potential order. PLUS it's Thanksgiving week and we're going to be busy busy. i can't wait till this weekend when i'll (hopefully) have most of my stuff done and i can concentrate on making some fun things for Christmas - i can't wait to decorate!

sunglass case i finished this weekend

how was your weekend? hope it was lovely!



MannMom3 said...

Oooohhh..I like that case. Way to go Ty!

Kassi said...

thanks keel!!

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