Tuesday, November 3, 2009


my blog was going to be solely for my creations and inspirations but i've decided to do a Hot and Healthy through the Holidays challenge that my sister, Keely, and her friend, MamaM, are doing on their blogs...
two months ago i was working out for two hours 5-6 days a week but then i discovered that i could stitch and since then i have devoted most of my time to creating. i've been trying to find the balance of working out, creating, being a good mom and wife and keeping my house clean... it hasn't been working out too well for me. i have not worked out for two months and although i haven't gained any weight i can feel my muscle turning to mush... and it's gross. so for 60 days i'll be doing this challenge and every tuesday i will be posting a little blurb on how i'm doing on my blog. BUT that wont be the only thing you read on tuesdays... i will also be doing a post every tuesday on two pretty things i love in my home and i would love to hear your two pretty things too... but that will be coming later today.
anyway, all the details for the Hot and Healthy through the Holidays are on my sisters page at http://mannland5.com i encourage you to join too!


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Heidi said...

Glad you are joining in! I will look forward to hearing your progress!

My Heart said...

Can't wait to get this started, and finished, strong! Best of luck to you!

Mama M. said...

Hey, glad to "meet" you, Keely's sister!! ;) I hear ya 'bout the muscle turning to mush...mine's been mush for, oh...around 13 years!! Hello hardbody's!!