Friday, November 13, 2009

i'm lovin right now

some clothes from anthro... i would LOVE to get one (or all, haha) for Christmas... 
i'm starting a challenge of the utmost kind that tif over at dottieangel is doing. the challenge is to not buy anything new for one whole year for myself or my home. but that excludes gifts... so feel free (husband, mom, dad) to get me anything you see here in this post ;-) if you are interested in checking out the challenge, then please check out tif's blog.

it's friday folks... friday the 13th actually... my youngest daughter, tayli, was born on a friday the 13th... so i say it'll be a good day!

happy friday!


ps. i wear an extra small... :-)


MannMom3 said...

PS. I wear an extra extra extra small..

I like the stripey shirt, the pants and a couple of the sweaters..

Kassi said...

the blue and creme striped sweater is on sale! i want i want i have to have... i have been eyeing it since july!!! and the last sweater is on sale too... i am in dire need of new 'comfies' and love love those pants... hopefully dad will read this. ;-)

ps. i'm an extra extra extra extra extra extra teeny tiny small... haha

MannMom3 said...

It looks better..but I really like your other header..

MannMom3 said...


Heidi said...

It is very difficult not to spend my whole paycheck at Anthropologie.