Monday, November 9, 2009

closet swap fashion shoot

so friday night, while hanging with my dear friend, marina, i had this brilliant idea that we should closet swap. i suggested this to her and she loved the idea. we went to her place and i took six things that i liked of hers... sooooo fun. she came over yesterday (after we did a little thrifting for some pretties for her house) and she took about ten things of mine. we are going to do this monthly so that we are always switching up our wardrobes - brilliant, right?

we decided to do a little mock fashion shoot of our closet swapping goodness....

marina in my cord anthro skirt, free people shirt, earrings and bracelet

all my own clothes...but marina found this dress for me while we were shopping at buffalo exchange (basically a 'high end' thrift store) on friday night

marina in my romper and earrings

my own shirt, bought from buffalo, my mom's old belt and marina's skinny jeans

marina in my anthro sweater, boyfriend jeans, anthro tee, shoes and belt

marina's sweater and shirt... my own jeans, belt and jewelry

marina in my shirt, belt, jewelry and pants

marina's dress... my jewelry

marina in my shirt, jeans and jewelry

marina's sweater (which i wish i owned....i just might keep this one a little longer than a month ;-)) and her beanie... the rest is mine.

too bad marina's good friend, promise, wasn't here to take the pics... our amateur photography will just have to do...  it was fun pretending to be models and even more fun swapping clothes!

oh, and tannyn wanted to get on the fun too....

posing (in my clothes...haha)

and cute little tayli too

i hope your weekend was filled with fun!

happy monday!



MannMom3 said...

Um..I don't really know what to say...

spicklebee said...

you guys are adorable. lookout - Tannyn and Tayli and the next little models.

ps- are you reading a million little pieces??

marina said...

jonathan is so happy that i'll pretty much never have to buy clothes again.

my name is lauren. said...

you are too cute :).

i need to find a friend to closet swap with now!

Kassi said...

thanks :-)

you totally need to do it. great way to save money and switch up your wardrobe!!!