Thursday, November 5, 2009


i've been busy... well, trying to be anyway. my goal for the day was to get two sunglass cases done out the 12 i'm making for my aunt's shop... but i only got one done.
my creative juices just were not flowing today... i couldn't get in the zone. yes, i made one but i'm not crazy about it. i'm even embarrassed to show it to you guys. ugh. dan (the husband) and tyler (the son) both liked it... but they're boys... what do they know, right? ;-)
maybe i'll show it to you later.... but for now, this was my work station today... and me...

not the best photos... but that's how i felt today - tired, unorganized with no creative juices... and blah. oh well. it's a new day in the morning. maybe i'll dream of really pretty ideas.

nighty night don't let the bugs bites


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